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Mahabodhi Temple – Of The Great Awakening

Mahabodhi Temple
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A Buddhist temple in Bodhgaya of Bihar, the Mahabodhi Vihar is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the place where Gautam Buddha is said to have achieved enlightenment. The beauty of this temple can be associated as much with its architecture as with the legend behind it. It is believed that around 589 BC, a young prince by the name Siddhartha Gautama wanted to end all the suffering in the world, and he reached the banks of the Phalgu river near Gaya. The tree he sat and meditated under came to be known as the Bodhi Tree, and it is said that after three days and three nights, he attained enlightenment.

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Architectural Wonder

Built of brick, the Mahabodhi Temple is believed to be one of the oldest brick constructions in eastern India. The intricate brick work is a sight to behold, and this temple is considered to be one of the finest examples of brick structures in India. The central tower of the Mahabodhi Temple rises 180 ft high, which is surrounded by four smaller towers built in the same style. Materials such as sandstone and granite have been used in the construction of this gorgeous temple. The temple is enveloped by stone railings on all sides and the railings have delicate depictions of Goddess Lakshmi and the Sun God on them.

Important events surrounding the Mahabodhi Temple

  1. Gautam Buddha spent the first week in Gaya under the Bodhi Tree

  2. During the second week, the Buddha remained standing and stared unblinking at the Bodhi Tree. This is the spot where the Animeshlocha stupa stands, so does a statue of the Buddha with his eyes fixed on the Bodhi tree

  3. It is believed that the Buddha walked back and forth between the Animeshlocha stupa and the Bodhi Tree, a path where lotus flowers are said to have bloomed. This path is today called Ratnachakrama

  4. The fourth week was spent near Ratnagar Chaitya

  5. During the fifth week, the Buddha answered the questions of Brahmins under the Ajapala Nigodh tree

  6. He spent the sixth week near the lotus pond

  7. The seventh week was spent under the Rajyatna tree

This beatific shrine is the perfect place to reflect on life, the universe and everything in between. The Mahabodhi Temple shows the path to spirituality, peace and harmony. Have you ever visited this temple before? How was the experience?

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