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  • Summer Vacation
    Apr 15 2016

    Summer Hotel Sale – Travelguru launches “Summertime Madness” campaign

    The temperatures are soaring already and school and colleges will soon break for the impending summer vacation. What’s that you say? Oh, so your holidays have started already! Well, that calls for a summer vacation immediately! Nothing beats the joy of going for a family vacation during the summer. There are countless destinations in India […]

  • Ooty
    Apr 13 2016

    Top Romantic Summer Retreats in India

    It’s summer all over again so how about having a lovely time out in the sun? Surprise your partner with a romantic getaway and get away from the daily grind of city life! Summer beckons and so do the many charming destinations that promise quality down time, a pleasant weather and countless memorable moments. Check […]

  • Tattooed Girl
    Apr 11 2016

    Top 10 Travel Tattoos for the Wanderluster

    While many of us really want to get a tattoo, the infamous pain of the tattoo needle scares us and we get discouraged. Let us tell you at the get-go, the tattoo-pain syndrome is highly overrated! If you have an okay-enough pain threshold, that is, if you can take a little bit of pain, like […]

  • Summer Vacation
    Apr 08 2016

    Top 5 Summer Destinations

    Explored India inside out already? By now you must be craving to travel international! What better time to set off on an international trip than in summer? Indian summers can get quite hot anyway, so the best way to avoid struggling through this season is by travelling some place far away from the scorching heat […]

  • Travel Apps
    Apr 04 2016

    3 Best Apps for Easy Train Travel

    While there are countless travel apps that have made travelling easier and so much more fun, it’s the transportation-based travel apps that have made travel uncomplicated. Travel in India, especially by railways, can be quite a tedious task, one that most of us try to avoid. But things have changed, and how! Not only is […]

  • Summer Drinks
    Apr 01 2016

    5 Delicious Summer Drinks for a Hot Day

    Summer is almost upon us and it won’t be too long before we will be melting down the moment we step out of the house. This is the story with most Indians surviving the Indian summer; while it may be all bright and shiny outside, the rising temperatures make it difficult to get anything done. […]

  • Panaji Church
    Mar 30 2016

    An introduction to Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Church, aka Panaji Church

    Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Church is a pristine white basilica in Panaji, the capital of Goa. Along with being one of the most beautiful churches in India, it is also one of the most important religious destinations for Catholics in India. Built over a stack of zigzagging stairs, this church is a known […]

  • Rangoli
    Mar 28 2016

    Gudi Padwa – Of Fresh New Beginnings!

    “Happy Gudi Padwa, neet bol gadhava!” This is how many people wish each other on Gudi Padwa day in Maharashtra. This jovial and merry day is also known as the Maharashtrian New Year, and besides wishing each other Happy Gudi Padwa, people also wish each other “Navavarshachya hardik shubhechha”, which mean Happy New Year! It’s […]