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  • Island
    Mar 21 2016

    5 Most Romantic Island Getaways

    What can be more romantic than a week spent lazing under the sun right next to the sea? What’s more fun than sipping on pinacoladas and binging on delicious sea-food? Doesn’t it sound just heavenly? Islands give that much-needed privacy and downtime that every couple needs on vacation. There’s no rush to do anything, not […]

  • HPCA
    Mar 18 2016

    ICC World Twenty20 – Fun Facts about the Host Stadiums

    There’s more to cricket stadiums than meets the eye. With the capacity to accommodate thousands of cricket enthusiasts at one go comes the charm and mystery that can make anybody curious. When was this stadium built? By whom? Does it have a quaint history? Any matches that became famous there? There’s so much more that […]

  • Holi
    Mar 16 2016

    5 Best Places to Celebrate Holi

    The festival of colours is a favourite with many, young and old alike. As much as it is celebrated in India, it is also celebrated abroad with great enthusiasm. The pichkaris filled with coloured water and water balloons start making an appearance way before the festival, to the vexation of a few people who don’t […]

  • Holi – The Vibrancy of India
    Mar 16 2016

    Holi – The Vibrancy of India

    “What makes things memorable is that they are meaningful, significant, colorful.” – Joshua Foer Vivid hues taint the sky as India ushers in the season of spring with the kaleidoscopic festival of Holi. The vibrant festival is known by a variety of names depending on which region you care to visit. From Rangpanchami in Maharashtra to Lathimaar Holi […]

  • GITF 2016
    Mar 14 2016

    GITF 2016 – A GIFT for the Travel-lover

    The Great Indian Travel Festival is back to delight the travel-lover inside each of you! Starting tomorrow till the 31st of March, the GITF will make travelling less expensive and more fun for everyone. So, save your excuses for another day, and take advantage of the amazing travel deals this fest has on offer! In association with […]

  • Kumara Parvatha
    Mar 11 2016

    Top 5 Adventure Activities in Bangalore

    Bangalore is the newest up and coming destination for holidays, be it leisure, pilgrimage or adventure. Called the Silicon Valley of India or the Garden City, Bangalore has charmed many a heart with its beautiful vistas and lovely architecture. Characterized by a pleasantly cool climate throughout the year, Bangalore is perfect to escape the sweltering […]

  • 2016 ICC World Twenty20
    Mar 07 2016

    2016 ICC World Twenty20 – Who Will Be The Champion This Season?

    The 2016 ICC World Twenty20 is all set to begin and the best thing this season is that the championship will be played on home ground! With the qualifiers starting tomorrow with Zimbabwe and Hong Kong battling to win the first round, it sure is going to be a terrific Tuesday. Cricket has long been […]

  • Guggenheim
    Mar 04 2016

    World’s 6 Most Fascinating Museums

    Museum and galleries can be quite interesting, and not just for the nerds and geeks. Filled with relics that go back millions of years back, museum can be an excellent way to understand the culture and history of a region, or of the whole world. Museums can help you understand the people of a region, […]