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  • Hazratbal Shrine, Srinagar
    Apr 29 2016

    Hazratbal Shrine – Of Awe and Respect

    Literally meaning “majestic palace”, Hazratbal Shrine in Srinagar, Kashmir is one of the most respected and important Islamic shrines in India. The shrine takes its name from the Urdu word “Hazrat” meaning respected and the Kashmiri word “bal” meaning place. The name itself suggests the kind of respect and admiration that the people have for […]

  • Beach Bum
    Apr 27 2016

    Hot Tips to Stay Safe in the Sun this Summer

    How many of you have got summer vacations all planned out? We’re sure more than 70 per cent of you have planned trips here in India and abroad. But wherever you go, escaping the sun is next to impossible, especially if you’re visiting a destination in India. The Indian summer can be quite tiresome, draining […]

  • Kate and Will
    Apr 25 2016

    Will and Kate’s visit to India: How it has boosted travel interest in the country

    Everyone is aware of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s week-long visit to India. As usual, the Duchess of Cambridge was beautiful, elegant and had the much anticipated effect on the public – one of awe and admiration. The pair has just left for home after their royal tour of India and the effect can be […]

  • Water Park
    Apr 22 2016

    Make a Splash – 5 Of The World’s Best Water parks

    Water parks are super fun, especially when the sun is out in full force and doesn’t show signs of setting soon. Splashing around in water has long been nature’s way of keeping the mind and body cool and calm. Take for instance, elephants. They dunk themselves in ponds and use their trunks to spray themselves […]

  • Mango Cupcakes
    Apr 18 2016

    5 Mouth-watering Mango Delicacies

    The godly mangoes are finally here to make summer sweeter! As we all know, the only good thing about the hot, sweaty Indian summers are the luscious mangoes. The King of Fruits makes an appearance during the sweltering summer months and suddenly, the summer doesn’t seem so bothersome any more. The juicy sweetness of a […]

  • Summer Vacation
    Apr 15 2016

    Summer Hotel Sale – Travelguru launches “Summertime Madness” campaign

    The temperatures are soaring already and school and colleges will soon break for the impending summer vacation. What’s that you say? Oh, so your holidays have started already! Well, that calls for a summer vacation immediately! Nothing beats the joy of going for a family vacation during the summer. There are countless destinations in India […]

  • Ooty
    Apr 13 2016

    Top Romantic Summer Retreats in India

    It’s summer all over again so how about having a lovely time out in the sun? Surprise your partner with a romantic getaway and get away from the daily grind of city life! Summer beckons and so do the many charming destinations that promise quality down time, a pleasant weather and countless memorable moments. Check […]

  • Tattooed Girl
    Apr 11 2016

    Top 10 Travel Tattoos for the Wanderluster

    While many of us really want to get a tattoo, the infamous pain of the tattoo needle scares us and we get discouraged. Let us tell you at the get-go, the tattoo-pain syndrome is highly overrated! If you have an okay-enough pain threshold, that is, if you can take a little bit of pain, like […]