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  • Travel app
    Jan 29 2016

    Travel like a Pro – Top 5 Travel Apps you must have

    Travelling can be a complete breeze if you have handy tools and guides that help you out when you’re in a pickle. International travel, especially, can be quite tricky if you don’t understand the language of the place, the customs or the rules. Plus, if you take into consideration all the things that you have […]

  • Carnival
    Jan 27 2016

    Viva Carnaval – Top 5 Reasons to attend the Goa Carnival

    It’s that time of the year again when Goa comes to vibrant life for four long days! Not that Goa is dull the rest of the time, far from it, but the energy felt during the four days of Carnival is something out of this world. The Goa Carnival is held every year some time […]

  • Mount Roraima, Venezuela
    Jan 25 2016

    5 Dreamy destinations you must visit before you die – Part II

    There’s more to this world than meets the eye, and these destinations are exactly what emphasizes this fact. This planet that we occupy with all the other creatures of nature and nature herself, is a huge big scary place that is filled with things wonderful and mysterious, scary and incomparable. There are so very many […]

  • Cafe
    Jan 22 2016

    Café Hopping – Top 5 Arty Cafés in Bangalore

    Bangalore has tons of options for the extrovert. Granted, most of the places are far away from one another, it sure is worth every penny to be out and about in this city. Bangalore is known for its cafés and pubs, and is more often than not referred to as the “Pub Capital of India”. […]

  • Pratapgad
    Jan 18 2016

    Top 5 forts in Maharashtra for treks

    Weekend jaunts for the regular Mumbaikar have now changed. Pub-hopping and window-shopping is now passé, and outings have taken on a new meaning. Most Mumbaikars want to include fitness in their hectic schedules these days, and what better way than walking and hiking to keep fit without hitting the gym? This desire for fitness combined […]

  • Smartphones
    Jan 15 2016

    Reliance on smartphones on the rise with Indian travellers

    More and more people are becoming tech-savvy, nowadays. Right from children to the older generation, everyone is, slowly but surely, realizing the importance of technology, especially smartphones, in today’s fast life. You can check your emails on it, chat with your loved ones at a minimal cost, make video calls, hold group calls, click and […]

  • Mahabodhi Temple
    Jan 11 2016

    Mahabodhi Temple – Of The Great Awakening

    A Buddhist temple in Bodhgaya of Bihar, the Mahabodhi Vihar is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the place where Gautam Buddha is said to have achieved enlightenment. The beauty of this temple can be associated as much with its architecture as with the legend behind it. It is believed that around 589 BC, a […]

  • Tilgul
    Jan 08 2016

    5 Makar Sankranti facts you should know

    Makar Sankranti, a harvest festival, is popular throughout India mainly because of the kite flying and the delicious sweet called tilgul that is distributed on this day. But this Indian festival has more to it than meets the eye! This festival is celebrated as a way of showing happiness for the new crop and people […]