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  • restaurant-goa
    Mar 17 2017

    Where to eat in Goa

    Once a Portuguese territory, Goa is now a party hub of India. It is a state with sun, sand, sea, beaches and booze; but something that we always miss out on is Goa’s food scene. The state boasts a regional cuisine, which has been influenced by an exotic blend of sea, spices and food-savvy travellers. […]

  • backpacker
    Mar 15 2017

    Backpackers vs Glampackers

    Get over the conflict of being a tourist or a traveller. Join the movement where travellers are being categorised as backpackers and glampackers. With the change in travel trends, there has also been a change in the travel jargons. Depending upon the manner a person travels, whether they travel light or pack up herds of […]

  • highest-places-on-earth
    Mar 13 2017

    7 highest places on the Earth located in India

    Feeling ‘On top of the world’ is no longer a phrase used to describe happiness. You can actually be on top of the world, that too in India. From the highest cricket pitch to the highest mountain peak, India scores high, riding the ‘est’ wagon. Packed with adventure, natural beauty and some of the most […]

  • airport-in-india
    Mar 10 2017

    Indian hill stations with air-connectivity

    With so many long weekends lined up in 2017, this year is undoubtedly the ‘Year for Travellers’. And to keep the wanderlust in you alive, our country has some of the best destinations to be explored. Some of the most picturesque locations and scenic beauty lies in the hill stations of India. But we know […]

  • travel-destination
    Mar 08 2017

    How to choose your next travel destination

    While some people want to go everywhere, others have a bucket list ready that taunts them about all the places they want to go. Whichever the situation, it always pays off to invest time and thought into deciding where you want to travel. Though most of us are flexible about choosing our next destination, some […]

  • rafting-in-india
    Mar 06 2017

    6 best places for river rafting in India

    The beginning of March brings hopes to all the adventure enthusiasts in India. This is the time when people don’t actually feel bad about the approaching summers. In fact, they seek for opportunities that would let them enjoy the exciting activities that are offered in different parts of India. The trend of adventure sports in […]

  • busting-travel-myths
    Mar 03 2017

    10 travel myths you must stop believing right now

    ‘Don’t listen to what they say. Go see.’ – @Projectinspo No matter where you travel, there’s always going to be someone to give the opinions – some good and some bad. Take from it what you will and ignore the ones that might cause hindrance on your way. However, there might be times when the […]

  • mumbai-ferry
    Feb 28 2017

    Intra-city ferries in Mumbai, is it?

    A surprise awaits for Mumbai residents, as a ferry service from Nariman Point to Borivali is expected to kick-start in October 2017. Travelling from the South of Mumbai to the Northern Suburb will just be a 45 minutes ride via ferry. The idea had first hit the news in 2008, when the former chief secretary […]