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  • National Parks- A walk through the untamed jungles!
    Oct 14 2014

    National Parks- A walk through the untamed jungles!

    If spotting the mysterious Cheetah or learning the language of the wild defines a picture-perfect holiday, then go the off-beaten path and unravel the untamed jungles of India. Take a jeep safari into the deserts or walk through the snow-clad mountains, it’s time to embrace the wild-life and escape the bustling cities. If you dream of […]

  • Blessed with abundance of natural beauty, India is home to some of the most famous National Parks. This holiday, embark on a journey into the untamed jungles and witness the most exotic wildlife species of India.
    Oct 14 2014

    Best Honeymoon Destinations in India

    Honeymoon is a special time in everyone’s life, especially for the newly married couples. Soon after the wedding gets over, the bride and groom would need a short holiday to spend some quality time together. Holidaying in a serene, quiet and a romantic destination is what the couples need. Amongst the various honeymoon destinations out there, selecting […]

  • Top Hill Stations in India
    Oct 14 2014

    Top Hill Stations in India

    When the summer tries to burn everything down its path, hill stations are an attractive escape. And we are spoiled for choices for hill stations in India. Any list of top hill stations is going to be a bit subjective but here is ours. Manali (Himachal Pradesh): With the soothing weather and the majestic Himalayan peaks […]

  • Goa Trip – Travel Plan and What to Pack
    Oct 13 2014

    Goa Trip – Travel Plan and What to Pack

    Goa continues to enthrall visitors with its beaches and the overall atmosphere. Traveling to Goa for a trip or two every year is a known remedy for coping with the otherwise routine life! But then there are decisions to be made, which hotel to stay in, how to travel, should one go for independent planning […]

  • Mumbai – The Bollywood City
    Oct 13 2014

    Mumbai – The Bollywood City

    Sweat, struggle and success.…these three words aptly describe Mumbai, the city of dreams. From glistening skyline to growing slums, from flamboyant malls to fashion street, Mumbai – The Bollywood City has everything that makes it real and lively. The term “Bollywood” has been derived from Bombay, former name for Mumbai and Hollywood, a centre for American films. […]

  • Celebrating International Film Festival of India 2012 in Goa
    Oct 13 2014

    Celebrating International Film Festival of India 2012 in Goa

    International Film Festival of India is a momentous and an important film festival in all of Asia.This magnificent event is organized every year on the beach town of Goa. The aim of IFFI is to provide a universal platform to the artistes & cinemas of the world in the field of Film and TV excellence. […]

  • Eco Tourism – A Catch Phrase or a Global Phenomenon?
    Oct 13 2014

    Eco Tourism – A Catch Phrase or a Global Phenomenon?

    Eco tourism is not just a catchphrase, but also a better solution for a nature loving and recreational vacation. The idea of Eco tourism was hallowed for conserving and supporting the natural wealth of our Mother Nature, Earth. It also focuses on respecting the cultural and traditional environment preserved from a very long time. Ecotourism enables a more positive approach towards finding a solution for destructive […]

  • Goa - A Shoppers Delight
    Oct 13 2014

    Goa – A shopper’s delight!

    Goa is a perfect destination for a comprehensive and fulfilling holiday experience. The deep blue sea, golden sands and amusing electric atmosphere makes Goa a one of its kind destination. The shores of Goa are beautiful and entertaining. From sunbathing, to great seafood and night parties, Goa has something for everyone. Shopping in Goa is fun […]