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festivals in india

  • Ganesh Chaturthi
    May 29 2015

    A spiritual guide to Ganesh Chaturthi

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    Ganesh Chaturthi, Ganeshotsav, Ganpati festival—call it what you will, it’s always been one of the most fun and exciting festivals in India. The atmosphere transforms into one of zeal and camaraderie, and people celebrate this festival with full gusto. Ganeshotsav, as a public festival, was started in Maharashtra by erstwhile Nationalist leader Lokmanya Tilak. This […]

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  • Jama Masjid, Delhi
    May 01 2015

    Eid ul-Fitr – The Festival of Oneness

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    How many of you have had the utterly lip-smacking sheer korma? For those of you who haven’t, sheer korma is a delectable sweet treat made of vermicelli, milk, and sugar and sprinkled with almonds, pistachios and dates. This dessert is associated with Eid or Eid al-Fitr, which is the end of the month long fast […]

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