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adventure tourism in india

  • Manali
    Oct 16 2015

    Top 5 adventure activities in Manali

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    Imagine paragliding amid mighty mountains or trekking through snowy mountain trails. Or would you rather camp among cedar forests and go skiing on mountain slopes? No matter what your taste for adventure, Manali has something for everyone. Besides the obvious, in-your-face beauty of the place, Manali has a lot more to offer to the adventure […]

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  • Caving
    Jun 24 2015

    A beginner’s guide to Caving – Tips and Tricks

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    Humans are innately curious. One doesn’t have to teach them to wonder and question what lies beyond those hills or how it must feel deep under water. As such, we could say that humans are born adventurous. It’s how we develop that trait that decides if we like adventures later in life or not. Some […]

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