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Goa Tourism – Goa Wildlife Sanctuaries

Goa Tourism – Goa Wildlife Sanctuaries | Travelguru Blog
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Goa is a celestial destination famous for its sprawling coastal lines, exotic beaches and rich collection of flora and fauna. However, not many people are aware of the fact that the crucial facet of Goan tourism is its collection of wildlife sanctuaries that preserve and conserve the rich wildlife of this region.

Bhagvan Mahavir Wildlife sanctuary is a well renowned wildlife conservation center. This sanctuary spans for more than 200 kms and is one of the largest wildlife sanctuaries  in Goa.  This conservation center is located around 50 kms away from the capital city Panjim. The area is a hot spot for bird watchers and shelters some of the most majestic and rare wildlife species of the planet.

The very famous Bondla Jungle resort is home to a well maintained and sprawling zoo, beautiful gardens and a deer park. The jungle resort spreads over an area of 80 kms and shelters elephants, jackals, Indian bison, wild boars, cobras, giant squirrels and a host of distinctive Indian wild animals.

Other wildlife sanctuaries in Goa include Cotiago, which is the second largest sanctuary in Goa and Salim Ali bird sanctuary, the only bird sanctuary in Goa. Goan wildlife sanctuaries not only shelters wild animals, but also conserve the ever flourishing aquatic life of the region. The best time to visit these sanctuaries is between the months of March & November.

Goa Tourism includes a host of attractive destinations visited by both national and international travelers. Wildlife sanctuaries in Goa offers a pleasant, unforgettable and a thrilling experience to make for a memorable trip.

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