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Top 5 treks in India

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Instead of going away on a cruise holiday or a luxurious beach vacation, how about taking the offbeat path this holiday season? Take off on a journey to discover peace, joy and adventure in a whole new way… and who knows maybe you’ll get the chance to rediscover yourself. And what better place to achieve this than in the midst of nature? So, take a look at our list of the top 5 treks in India and take your pick. Get, set and go!

Rajmachi Trek, Maharashtra

Rajmachi in Pune is a small village in the mighty Sahyadri Mountains. It has two forts—Shrivardhan and Manaranjan—which are popular trekking destinations. The Rajmachi Hill Fort, at an altitude of 2,710 ft, is a sight to behold during the rainy season. The area gets lush with greenery, fills with fresh air and boasts of a weather that is perfect for nature walks. This is why, Rajmachi is considered as one of the best trekking points in Maharashtra.

Best time to visit: September- February

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Valley of flowers

Valley of flowers

Valley of Flowers Trek, Uttarakhand

Imagine yourself in a field bursting with flowers and the air emanating an intoxicating fragrance. Now stop imagining and look up the Valley of Flowers on the internet. This is, literally, a valley filled with flowers of all colours and scents, and it is found in our very own country! And the best thing about it is, you can actually trek there and enjoy the mesmerising view. This valley was declared a national park and is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. So plan a trek to this gorgeous destination and find yourself lost to the flowers!

Best time to visit: August and September

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Beas Kund

Beas Kund

Beas Kund Trek, Himachal Pradesh

The Beas Kund trek in the Kullu Valley is one of the most scenic treks you’ll ever undertake. Set in the mountains surrounding the Beas River, the Beas Kund Trek is a union of beautifully rough terrain, the mighty river and majestic peaks. Along the Beas Kund summit, you will also find the Solang Ropeway Point, which is a popular skiing spot and Dhundhi that will give you your first glimpse of the Seven Sisters. So come prepared with a sense of adventure and explore this extensive region the way it’s meant to be explored.

Best time to visit: May-October

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Hampta Pass trek

Hampta Pass trek

Hampta Pass Trek, Himachal Pradesh

Another major trekking destination for adrenaline seekers, the Hampta Pass Trek offers a stimulating trekking experience and stunning views that will enrapture you. The maximum height that you can reach at while on this trek is 3,960 metres, which is quite a lot so make sure you’re fit enough to undertake this trek. The trek begins at Jobra and passes through countless beautiful locations before reaching Chandratal and finally Hampta.

Best time to visit: May-October

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Kumara Parvatha

Kumara Parvatha

Kumara Parvatha Trek, Karnataka

The last trek in our list of top 5 treks in India, the Kumara Parvatha Trek blends together the right amount of lavish green scenery and physical activity. Kumara Parvatha, at 5,617 ft, is the highest peak in the Western Ghats of Karnataka and affords a peek into the loveliness of the area and a sense of freedom that you will cherish forever. Before you reach Kumara Parvatha you will come across another great peak called the Sesha Parvatha, so you can take in the beauty of this region twofold.

Best time to visit: November-February

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Now that we’ve got you bursting with enthusiasm, how many of these treks are you planning to take on? Which is your favourite so far in this list of treks in India?

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