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  • Rajmachi
    Apr 10 2015

    Top 5 treks in India

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    Instead of going away on a cruise holiday or a luxurious beach vacation, how about taking the offbeat path this holiday season? Take off on a journey to discover peace, joy and adventure in a whole new way… and who knows maybe you’ll get the chance to rediscover yourself. And what better place to achieve […]

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  • Adventurous Destinations in India
    Mar 11 2015

    India’s adventure destinations – A guide for the adventurous vagabond

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    Travelers making their way to India have a preconceived notion about the country – that it is the place to be to attain complete spiritual harmony. While this may be true, given that India is a very religion-centric nation, what they fail to see are windows of opportunities to accomplish much more than what they […]

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  • Fun on the run at Corbett
    Oct 10 2014

    Fun on the run at Corbett

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    Blend a little bit of adventure to the fun and entice yourself to have a lovely time and get spellbound! Corbett National Park is the oldest national park which was initially established in 1936 as Hailey National Park to protect the Royal Bengal Tiger. Now known as Corbett National Park, it is spread across 521 […]

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