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  • Long weekends
    Dec 14 2016

    List of long weekends in 2017. Plan your vacations already!

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    We’ve all had our share of 2016 blues! With hotter than ever summers, delayed winters, cashless economy and national holidays falling on Sundays, 2016 was definitely not an easy one. But fret not, 2017 is giving us some major reasons to cheer. The coming year is packed with 13 long weekends, and that’s reason enough […]

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  • Long Weekend Offer
    Apr 29 2015

    A long weekend to remember for a longer time – save Rs 6000 on hotels across India!

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    Waiting for the end of another work week Long weekends come as just the respite from the rigorous and sometimes monotonous life of work. It’s like a breath of fresh air when you’re choking on pending files from months ago piling on your work desk. The work load never ceases. At such an energy sapping […]

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