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  • Waterfall Rappelling
    Jun 10 2016

    Top Monsoon Adventure Activities in Maharashtra

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    Come monsoon and India takes on a gorgeous green look. The streets shine bright with moisture and everything that’s been out in the rain looks clean and new. This is the magic that monsoon makes, creating an atmosphere that is perfect for a fun holiday. Adventure trips during monsoon also take on an exciting form. […]

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  • Pandharpur
    Nov 27 2015

    Pandharpur – Home to the Lord standing arms akimbo

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    One look at the residing deity of Pandharpur, Lord Vitthal, will give you the impression that he’s been waiting for you a long time, standing with his arms akimbo. Situated by the banks of River Bhima in Solapur, Pandharpur is a pilgrimage city that is also the main centre of worship of Lord Vitthal. The […]

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