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National Parks of india

  • Tiger Spotting in India
    Nov 02 2016

    Best places to go tiger spotting in India

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    How many of us know that India is home to the maximum number of big cats in the world? Many of us don’t, I suppose. Well, India monopolizes over 70% of the total tiger population (exciting, right?) . Also, exhilarating enough to make you hop into an open jeep and watch this majestic beast on […]

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  • National Parks- A walk through the untamed jungles!
    Oct 14 2014

    National Parks- A walk through the untamed jungles!

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    If spotting the mysterious Cheetah or learning the language of the wild defines a picture-perfect holiday, then go the off-beaten path and unravel the untamed jungles of India. Take a jeep safari into the deserts or walk through the snow-clad mountains, it’s time to embrace the wild-life and escape the bustling cities. If you dream of […]

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