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trekking destinations

  • Trekking
    May 28 2015

    The 5 best treks in the world

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    There are treks, and then there are iconic treks. Some of these treks are so gruelling that taking them for granted is a big mistake. These treks will test your patience and having nerves of steel is something of a prerequisite. You need amazing grit and determination to successfully complete these treks without giving in […]

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  • Rajmachi
    Apr 10 2015

    Top 5 treks in India

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    Instead of going away on a cruise holiday or a luxurious beach vacation, how about taking the offbeat path this holiday season? Take off on a journey to discover peace, joy and adventure in a whole new way… and who knows maybe you’ll get the chance to rediscover yourself. And what better place to achieve […]

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