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10 travel myths you must stop believing right now

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‘Don’t listen to what they say. Go see.’ – @Projectinspo

No matter where you travel, there’s always going to be someone to give the opinions – some good and some bad. Take from it what you will and ignore the ones that might cause hindrance on your way. However, there might be times when the information passed on to you would sound so believable that you would not want to ignore it. This post will bust 10 of the most popular travel myths and will show you the other side of the story.

1. Travel is expensive

Whoever says ‘travel is expensive’ has probably never travelled. We agree that no travel is free, but the idea that people have developed is a result of fancy marketing techniques that say ‘fun vacation = expensive vacation’. Though we believe that this approach is totally baseless! Thanks to a number of websites and apps who help plan your inexpensive trip.

2. Solo travel is unsafe

If this would have been the case, then there wouldn’t have been millions of solo travellers living till date to tell the tale. Agreed? Well, travelling is one thing where you shouldn’t be dependent on someone else’s availability. So go solo, plan your trip and stop worrying.

3. Ain’t no thing like work and travel

We really hope you are not living just to work and pay bills! Coz believe it or not, travelling is a lot more fun that being a homebody. And when it comes to travelling places, you certainly don’t have to quit your job; all you need is to plan it right. Take advantage of your long weekends and manage your holidays ahead of time.

4. Street food is unsafe

Okay, now you going to be kidding us! With street food, you can actually see the ingredients that goes in the preparation of your food, which is unlike having meal at a top-notch restaurant. So follow your heart and eat out the way you want. Bon Appetit!

5. Travelling is running away

Travelling is not running away, it is more of getting lost and finding yourself in the process. If you’re young and want to figure out your life, you must travel. If you think there’s unhappiness surrounding you, you must travel. If you’re tired of your job and making career choices for yourself, you must travel. Just believe in yourself and travel coz you want to, not coz you’re running away.

6. Lower costs means lower quality

There are many places on the map that are unexplored, thus making the travel cheap in those locations. So take it as an opportunity to be one of the few people to travel there and saving a lot of money in return.

7. Not the right time to travel

This is a mere excuse that you’ve been dependent upon for a very long time. The fact is, you have all the time in the world, you’re just lazy to do something different. Take our advice, make a list of places you want to travel, plan a trip (rather trips) and trust us, you won’t regret it.

8. Stereotypes are true

This topic has been exaggerated enough for you to believe anything and everything someone says. But we say, if you won’t travel and see for yourself, how would you possibly know.

9. Advance booking is cheaper

This sounded true a few years ago, but these days there are a number of alternatives available online, thus breaking the dilemma of booking tickets in advance or at the last moment.

10. Travelling with kids is a no-no

It is just about being comfortable with the new surroundings, and making your kids adapt the same. Family trips are ideal for kids’ development and a great bonding experience.

Now that we have busted the travel myths, we want to tell you a truth! The travel bug is real and you must keep up with it because you only live once (#YOLO).

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