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5 Destinations to Escape to This July

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With the onset of July, monsoons pick up the pace and give you a reason to escape to a destination that will take you closer to nature. For those who missed out on a relaxing summer vacation, here’s a chance to plan that much needed getaway. Take the rainy season as an opportunity to pack your bags and head out to explore the gorgeous places in India. Listed below are some of the enthralling destinations that flaunt the unique creations of nature during monsoon.

1. Goa


July is the perfect month to experience Goa beyond its sunny self. The empty, drenched beaches; splendid waterfalls and pristine greens illuminate Goa and make it unbelievably romantic. You can take a walk through Goa’s colonial past, trek along the algae laden pathways, witness the greenery at its best at wildlife sanctuaries, or interact with the locals and be a part of monsoon festivities.

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2. Ladakh

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Nestled deep in the Himalayas, Ladakh is a rain shadow area. With the high mountain peaks, stunning lakes, pleasant weather and impressive scenery, the region reaches high on beauty during monsoon. There are many compelling reasons to visit Ladakh during July; white water rafting, trekking and mountain pass riding being some of them. Another reason that could be the most compelling one is the Ladakhi/Tibetan cuisine, and there is no better time to get a real taste of the cuisine than monsoon.

3. Kerala


The meadows, the waterfalls, the valleys, the backwaters and the forests make for a perfect setting during monsoons in Kerala. Though the season can be a little tricky, nothing beats the beauty of the state during rains. With backwater cruise, verdant greenery, experiential homestays and vibrant culture, Kerala’s enchanting scenery will mesmerise you beyond words.

4. Coorg

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This small hill station in Karnataka is one of the prettiest places in India. Though Coorg is an ideal destination to visit across seasons, monsoon covers the region in lush greenery and a blanket of mist, which is truly a sight to behold. The exotic scenery, coffee plantations and mystical homestays in Coorg make for a perfect getaway during the rains.

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5. Kodaikanal


Home to the deafening silence of nature, Kodaikanal is one of the best places to visit in July. The meadows, forests, lakes, waterfalls and valleys provide a perfect setting for a holiday during monsoon. Kodai lake, Berijam lake, Palani Hills and Bear Shoal Falls are some of the attractions that you must visit during this season.

So pack your bags, get your umbrellas handy and satiate your rainy day wanderlust with these amazing destinations.

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