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7 things you shouldn’t do this New Year!

7 things you shouldn't do this New Year!
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The momentous occasion when we rack our brains trying to figure out the best New Year’s resolution is fast approaching. But how often do we actually follow the must-do? Procrastinating becomes our life’s mantra and we gladly push things forward to the next year. So when the clock strikes 12, let’s draft a resolution about what NOT to do in 2015 and vouch to make this New Year a successfully happy one.

Here’s our compilation just to get you started:

  • Be a couch-potato: Get up, get dressed, step out and witness the world around you gleam and glow tonight!
  • Dress to impress: A wise man once said, life is too short to play multiple characters. So don’t try to fit in someone else’s shoes, be yourself and be happy!
  • Shy away: In the words of Sarah Dessen,Believe in yourself and it will make you stronger than you could ever imagine.” The true charm of your personality is enhanced with confidence.
  • Hover over the past: Your past may be valuable but it certainly isn’t worth clinging on to. Gather those bittersweet experiences, kiss them goodbye and let it go!
  • Drown in guilt: Look at yourself in the mirror and say this out loud – ‘Yes I made a mistake and No! That doesn’t make me less than perfect.’ Reflect and learn but don’t hark back.
  • Being self-indulgent: Donate blood, sign up for a charitable cause, offer a helping hand to the elderly or make someone smile. A good deed goes a long way!
  • Bottle up emotions: Spend some quality time with your family and friends. Visit a distant relative. Mend a broken relationship and let your dear ones know that you care.
  • Play the victim: Good or bad, every situation that we encounter makes us who we are. So don’t forget to be thankful for all the blessings as well as the lessons that are bestowed upon you.

Enough has been said, now it’s time for you to make a move! Take out a pen and paper or devise the most epic resolution in your mind. Just DON’T FORGET to make sure that you follow the rules.

This New Year; take a risk, take a chance, make a change and Breakaway!

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A talented dancer and writer, Alvita is a BMM graduate and a Certified Preschool teacher who loves to spend time with children. When she’s not churning out fancy words as a Writer, she brushes up on her creative skills with numerous D.I.Y projects.

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