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5 luxurious, yet affordable cruise trips to take in and from India

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 ‘In search of a beautiful place to drop an anchor’ – Anonymous

Escape the maddening crowd and chaos on the streets, and spend your vacations lying on a deck chair staring at the calm waters. It is as good as it sounds, for an idea of a perfect rejuvenating break. So, whether you are planning a romantic getaway, a family reunion or just want to experience the luxury at its best, cruises in India have a lot to offer for that much needed break of yours.

Cruise on your mind? Read on for the 5 luxurious cruise trips you can take in India.

1. Cruise through the backwaters of Kerala

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The backwaters of Kerala are a popular cruise destination in India. With picturesque riversides, views of the rice cultivating villages, gorgeous stretches of backwaters and authentic South Indian cuisine, the cruise in Kerala is surely going to amaze you beyond words. Oberoi M.V. Vrinda is one of the most luxurious cruise ships in Kerala, with 8 spacious deluxe rooms. You can board the cruise from Vembanad Lake, and sit back, sip your drink and relax while the cruise takes you through the most magical landscapes.

2. The Golden Triangle Cruise

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The voyage through the River Ganges will take you back into India’s fascinating historical and religious heritage. The 12 night cruise promises an experience that will charm you in many ways, and leave behind the memories that will last forever. The cruise starts from New Delhi and passes along various heritage sites, before reaching Kolkata. So get ready to sail for an enchanting experience.

3. Sail across the North-east

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North-east is slowly emerging as an important tourist region in the country. To get a sense of the cultural ethos and to know about the many wonders of the state, cruising is one of the best options here. Start your journey from Guwahati and visit the Kamakhya Devi Temple, enjoy bird and dolphin watching, experience tea picking at an estate, take a jeep safari at Kaziranga National Park and indulge in many more activities along the way. You can take the luxury cruise liner, MV Mahabaahu and choose to stay in rooms, cabins or suites as per your convenience.

4. How about a Bihar Saga

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You might not believe it, but yes, it’s true. You can cruise through Bihar. The journey starts from The City of Joy – Kolkata, which then takes you through the serene waters of River Ganges up to Bihar. The cruise makes its way to the French Colony of Chandannagar, towards the magnificent temples of Kalna, then a city tour of Mayapur and sailing through Murshidabad on to the Farakka Barrage. The journey doesn’t stop here, you slowly move towards the countryside of Jharkhand and finally end the cruise trip at Vikramshila.

5. International Cruise

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The cheapest packages for cruises from India to foreign locations are offered by an Italian company called Costa Cruise. Its cruise ship neoClassica is a majestic ship with spa, jogging tracks, theater, patisserie, nightclub, restaurants, bars, swimming pools and a lot more interesting things. You can take the international cruise trips from Mumbai to Venice, Mumbai to Maldives and Kolkata to Bangladesh.

Plan your summerscapes soon, and this year, go cruising.

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