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Breaking stereotypes! 8 Indian cities whose identity needs to be changed

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‘Stereotypes do exist, but we have to walk through them’ – Forest Whitaker

India is a country with diverse culture and a unique identity that has helped us shape our own. Carrying forth our identities, sometimes we tend to forget the distinctive nature of others, be it a person or a city. Since the dialects of language change every 50 kilometers in our country, do you think a particular city can stick to just one identity? No, right? But believe it or not, we all have given our cities one particular identity, irrespective of the change or progress that has been made over all these years.

So we thought why not be the voice of these cities and help break the stereotypes. What follows is, ‘what we say’ VS ‘what these cities really are’.

1. Delhi

We Say: Delhi is crowded and dirty

Delhi says: Yes, we are crowded and that is because we welcome individuals from varied cast, creed and religion without judging them. And dirty? Have you even been to Delhi in recent years? Our metros are one of the cleanest ones in India, and the roads of Shanti Path will leave a permanent mark on your soul.


2. Nagpur

We Say: The city of oranges

Nagpur Says: Agreed, we are the largest producer of oranges in India! But there’s much more to the city that you should know. We rank amongst the top greenest cities in India and are home to a number of parks and wildlife sanctuaries. Did you know that?


3. Rishikesh

We Say: The city with temples and ashrams

Rishikesh Says: That’s got to be the most cliched thing to say! Well, we’ll break the myth and let you know that we are the adventure capital of India. From river rafting to bungee jumping and waterfall rappelling, we offer everything to the adventure seekers.


4. Mumbai

We Say: There’s no place to set foot in Mumbai

Mumbai Says: You say Mumbai is crowded! Well, we are the commercial capital of the country and run the entertainment business for the entire nation. Keeping that aside, we still have enough breathing spaces that are iconic and special in their own way.


5. Bangalore

We Say: It is known for its pubs and nightlife

Bangalore Says: Touche! And we are proud of having the most amazing nightlife in India. But, we also have gardens, lakes and heritage monuments to keep the tourism flow in the city.


6. Pune

We Say: A Pensioner’s Paradise

Pune Says: Okay! But what about the musical fests, NH7s and EDM acts? In fact Pune was the host to one of India’s biggest musical festival in 2016 i.e. The Sunburn. And we are sure these are not attended by the 60 plus people, or are they?


7. Chennai

We Say: It has only one season

Chennai Says: Well, that is what the weather at a coastal city is supposed to be. And don’t forget, we have the longest beach in India, extending up to 13 kilometers awesomeness.


8. Goa

We Say: A bachelor’s paradise

Goa Says: So you think Goa is only about parties and party folks? We will take a minute to explain that Goa is home to some of the most amazing temples and architectural churches. Beautiful, serene and captivating, that’s what the life in Goa is all about.


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Srishti is a writer by profession and a dreamer by choice. She loves experimenting with her space and her looks. Being an avid animal lover, she plans on being a part of Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation in near future.

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