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Exploring Yelagiri beyond the tourist’s trail

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‘Get the most out of your holiday and have your say in nature too.’ – Anonymous

Are you making a bucket list of places you need to visit while in South? No luck! Well, don’t worry! We will help you make your way to one of the most delightful hill stations in the Southern state of India i.e. the Yelagiri. With 14 villages inhabited by tribal folks, lofty hills, beautiful lake and cascading waterfall, this hill retreat will be a visual treat. So hop on and get ready to explore Yelagiri (unlike a tourist).

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This misty land is located in the heart of Tamil Nadu, and is a place where a visitor can have much to do and at the same time relax for a great adventure or a family holiday. From Chennai and Bangalore it is an easy ride away from civilization into the nature’s lap. Even before reaching your destination you can enjoy the lush green layers and ridges from a road that spirals up silently to a height of 4600 feet above sea level where the air clears itself. So take a deep breath in freshness and feel life at the top with first class hotels in Yelagiri and other amenities.

The British developed Yelagiri as a summer retreat and today it stands out as a picturesque hill station surrounded by lakes, valleys, verdant peaks and vast stretches of flowering plants. Yelagiri holds special attraction for trekkers and hikers whose favourite destinations include Jalagamparai Waterfalls, Punganoor Lake and Park and Swami Malai Hills.


Punganoor Lake is one of the magnificent and popular places to visit in Yelagiri. It is an artificial water body which offers all round panoramic view of the Yelagiri Hills. There is also a fountain in the middle and boating facilities are available. At a distance of 1 km from Punganoor Lake lies Nature Park, which is spread over 12 acres of land and is home to many species of plants suited to the rocky terrain. The Nature Park also has an artificial waterfall that will leave you in awe. Besides, the park has a children’s park, a musical fountain, an aquarium and a bamboo house for you to have a great time with your family and kids.

Yet another attraction at a walking distance from Punganoor Lake is the Velavan Temple, which is located on one of the highest peaks of the area. The temple is dedicated to Lord Murugan, and offers a breathtaking view of valleys below. Apart from these attractions, there are more ways to enjoy a hill and it isn’t downhill. For trekkers delight, there lies an adventurous route leading to Swamimalai Hills, which is 6 kilometers away from Punganoor Lake. The Swamimalai Hill has a Shiva Temple at the summit and travellers climb their way up through the dense forest from Mangalam village.

One might run out of time as there are scores of places to be explored in Yelagiri. So get going and let the exploration begin.

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