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A Guide to Tipping Abroad

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While in some countries bad tippers are looked down upon, there are other places that don’t expect any tips. It’s always a good idea to first understand the tipping customs in a specific country before leaving the place without tipping or tipping badly. A tip, or gratuity, is basically an amount over and above the actual payment given to people in the service industry for a job well done. Even if you don’t like the service, its the sign of a courteous customer to tip. So, here’s a guide to tipping abroad, so you know the proper amount to tip in those countries

United States of America

In the USA, tipping is a custom that’s taken quite seriously. Be it at a restaurant, or riding the taxi, or just getting a coffee to go, tipping is required to show appreciation. But if you think that the service was poor, you have the option of tipping less or not tipping at all. Generally a 15% tip is considered the norm in most places in the US.


Most French restaurants include the service in the bill with the average tip being 15%. However, it is considered good practice to add an extra small amount unless you absolutely hated the service. While taxi drivers don’t expect to be tipped, museum guides and bus drivers should be tipped up to 3 Euros after an outing.


In Germany, the way to tip is 10% of the total bill. Although the servers in this country get paid handsomely, it is considered rude to not leave a tip. If the hotel you’re staying at is particularly good, it is common to leave a tip for the maid, the bellhop and the doorman. About two to three Euros are considered respectful, so make sure you don’t go below this amount!


There are no strict rules about tipping in Italy and it’s up to you if you would like to tip or not. However, you can go ahead and show your appreciation by rounding up your bill if you think your attendant did an exemplary job. Taxi drivers, however, expect 5-10% of the fare.

United Kingdom

Most England restaurants charge a 12.5% service charge wherein you don’t have to leave a tip. Also, it is generally believed that you shouldn’t tip cash at a bar or a pub, but offer the bartender a drink as appreciation. When it comes to taxis, it is customary to add 10% to the fare as a tip to the driver. You can also tip your hairdresser an amount of two Pounds to show appreciation.

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Most Indian restaurants charge a service charge so you don’t have to leave a tip. But don’t confuse the service charge with the service tax, which is levied by the government. Usually, a 7-10% tip on a bill amount exceeding a thousand Rupees is considered good enough. Bellhops in most hotels in Mumbai and Delhi are usually tipped in cash after they show you to your room or at the end of your stay.

Hope this guide to tipping abroad helped you to take quick tipping decisions while travelling abroad. What are your thoughts on tipping?

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