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#Homestays: How to make your home an earning member

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It was not long ago when the concept of homestays was suggested as a ‘policy initiative’ by the Government of India, but over a period of thee years, the measures have been taken to promote homestays as a means of self-employment. It is every travellers dream to find ‘a home away from home’ in a city they are travelling to. And finding that perfect place, in fact setting up that ideal homestay for the guest isn’t an easy task. There’s much that goes behind to make sure the process of setting up and finding an homestay online is effortless.

What do we know about a homestay?

Well, homestay is an establishment that has a minimum one to maximum six rooms available to rent, and the owner/promoter is physically residing in the property (as per the Government of India). Also, there are various categories of homestays, depending upon the states. For instance, the homestays in Kerala are classified as Silver, Gold and Diamond, whereas in Rajasthan, there’s Silver and Gold category.

Homestays are different from hotels. And how? Well, the owners of homestays are closely attached to the guests; they share their beliefs, experiences and give the guest a local’s experience. In fact, there is an interactive setting between the owner and the guest, which is unlike hotels.

Why do you want to set up a homestay?

Before you start planning about the homestay and entertaining guests, you need to ask yourself ‘why do you want to set up a homestay’. There could be many reasons, like ‘I want to get out of the city life and live in solace’, ‘I want to offer accommodation to people outside the hotel industry’, ‘I have an unused property that could earn me living’ or ‘ I want people to get acquaint with India’s culture by staying with the locals’. Whatever your reason, stick to it; choose the location and build the property accordingly.

How to choose location for a homestay?

As most of the homestays are located in quiet and private areas, it is important for you to decide on the location of your property. If the property is located on the outskirts of the city, it might include more transportation cost, else the property within the city might not have a vast open space for gardening or outdoor activities. So choose your location wisely and then set up a homestay which feels like home to all the guests. Some of the states in India that are homestay-friendly are Goa, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Rajasthan and many more.

How to go about the amenities and services?

To give travellers the true taste of the city/area they are visiting, it is suggested to go local. Use local resources when it comes to redoing the house or hiring the staff. This will not only give the guests’ an insight into the local’s life, but will also make the process faster and cheaper for you.

How to list the property online

After your property is ready and you are all set to launch it in the market, you need to look for a reliable platform to list the homestay. The listing process is quite simple, you just need to upload some good quality images of your property (including rooms, living room, kitchen, lawn, toilet and exterior), fill in the required information and you are good to go.

List your property here

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