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India’s first 20 Smart Cities announced. Here’s a sneak-peek…

Smart Cities
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Union Minister Venkaiah Naidu announced the first batch of smart cities on Thursday, January 28. Smart cities are basically decided on features like result orientation, feasibility, citizen participation, smartness of proposals, etc. Here’s a full list of the first 20 smart cities:

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1. Bhubaneshwar

2. Pune

3. Jaipur

4. Surat

5. Kochi

6. NDMC (New Delhi)

7. Ahmedabad

8. Jabalpur

9. Vizag

10. Solapur

11. Devangere

12. Indore

13. Coimbatore

14. Kakinada

15. Belgaum

16. Udaipur

17. Guwahati

18. Chennai

19. Ludhiana

20. Bhopal

While some of these cities came as a bit of a surprise, others like Chennai and Pune are excellent picks. The advantage of being picked as a smart city is that these cities will get the funds to start off their development process. The per city allocation for this plan is Rs. 100 crores for each of the 5 years in this mission. “Today marks a historic landmark in annals of urban development as we get to know the first batch of ‘Smart Cities,” said Naidu on announcing the names of the first 20 smart cities.

Some of the characteristics that “smart cities” feature are as follows:

  • Housing and Inclusiveness

  • Creating walkable localities

  • Preserving and developing open spaces

  • Promoting a variety of transport options

  • Making governance citizen-friendly and cost effective

  • Giving an identity to the city

All of these features, and a few others, make for a smart city. This comprehensive mission comprises an exhaustive selection process. Each state is allocated a certain number of smart cities based on the urban population and number of statutory towns. For detailed information on smart cities, do visit:

What are your thoughts on the Government’s latest city development mission? Which cities according to you should make it to the list of India’s smart cities?

Source: The Indian Express

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