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Rains Bring Thrill Near

Adventurous Trip during Monsoons
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It is monsoon and it calls for adventure. No! Not for the ones whose apparent world of excitement includes sleep and work. But, for the ones who possess a thirsty soul for excitement. Believe it or not, your virtues of relaxation are blasphemous and are nothing more than unexciting creeps. They help you nose dive in the latter part of your aged lives. Certainly, you are at point-blank range of missing every opportunity that life has to offer. No prizes for guessing what I connote for. It is indeed traveling. Every enticing expedition coaxes you about your exciting journey. For sure, with worldly affairs your vision for living a wanderlust life has faded and excitement has become an elusive memory. But not before you spare your time reading ahead.


Though this may sound babyish. It indeed makes a lot of difference sitting within four walls and sitting in a tent viewing the sky sprinkling water. Camping is not only sitting and gazing the excitement outside the tent, it rather means soaking yourselves in the nature and rejuvenating the newer you. With a plethora of options to go for, monsoon camping can be done at Lonavala, Karnala, Sandhan Valley and Harishchandragad Konkan Kada, to name a few.


Monsoon embellishes nature to its best and there is no other beauty as beauteous as nature flourishing around. Furthermore, it is an amazing feel to walk around and get drenched in the rains. Trekking includes roaming in the woods, which is a herculean task that brings gusto to every move of yours. A lot of places with lots of opportunity to trek and get this written joy owned. Kothaligad, Rajmachi Ghat, Korigad and Raireshwar are a few of the arduous treks that one needs to try once at least.


One of the must to do activity is ride a cycle during the drizzles. It needs sheer tenaciousness and tensility in one to achieve the goal of monsoon cycling. There are a lot of shorter distances that are good to explore making one ready for longer journeys too. From Charni Road to Marine Drive and then heading towards CST Fort will be an exciting affair for sure.


If water bodies enthrall you, then Kayaking would be one of the activities you shouldn’t be missing. Kayak is a small boat with max two seats and paddles to sail and direct. There are levels in kayaking as well. Beginners shouldn’t be trying white water kayaking, instead still water kayaking would serve the purpose of learning and enjoyment. Places to go for kayaking includes Mandwa Beach, Tapola (Mahabaleshwar), Vaitarna River and Barvi Dam (Badlapur).

Flying Fox

Probably, this would be the only chance of yours to hang yourself with pride. No, not to die, but to enjoy by clinging to a harness and moving from higher end to lower with the help of a pulley. But doing this in the waterfall is one of the wicked innovations that surely creeps the best courageous people around. Though, frightening but once through you’ll be proud on yourself. Flying Fox has taken a new trend and can be done most of the places, but Bhivpuri and Duke’s Nose.

Waterfall Rappeling

This knee wrenching activity has gathered a lot of fame and is truly a marvelous experience to go for. Though, rappelling is great, but with water gushing over you makes it extremely perilous. It needs patience and tensility both to obey the rules of rappelling in the waterfalls. People seeking this adventurous sport can drop by at Bekare in Karjat, Vihigaon, Naghotne, Kolad and Bhivpuri.

White water rafting –

A horde of adventure enthusiasts step out of their self-caring mode and find enthusing stuff around during monsoons. And, there is nothing else better than Kolad for gushing the slumbering adrenaline. Go for white water rafting and get delighted this monsoon at Kundalika River in Kolad. This activity engages few members that occupy a decent space on an inflatable raft to navigate a ride on a river. Rest is all thrilling that needs presence and not words.

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