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Role of Meta search players when it comes to online travel market

Role of Meta search players in online travel market | Travelguru Blog
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Since the emergence of E-commerce websites, the online travel industry enjoyed a structural steadiness due to the obstacles imposed by the intricacy of distributing travel products. However, the advances in IT, more often than not affects the online industry. Any change in technology disturbs the existing industry standards and structure. The introduction of Meta search players was one of many such IT advancements which affected the online travel market considerably.


The OTA’s were the major players in online travel market in India. Many new domains emerged to meet the demands of the ever increasing consumer market. The excess of online travel websites resulted in fierce competition leading to marketing malpractices and monopoly. The introduction of Meta search players came as a respite to those portals that were less recognized and were lagging behind due to the monopoly of few market bullies. Meta search players like tripadvisor, lonely planet and holidayIQ started delivering aggregate information and value added secondary services to other online travel channels.


Incidentally, the primary use of Meta players was for price and service comparison across various suppliers. The recent developments have forced positive transparency changes in Meta players and have introduced. Today in India, the meta-search agents account for a relatively significant number of travel bookings. By gaining high level of market awareness, the Meta search players have constructively enhanced the overall travel market in India. The social travel booking activity from Meta players entertains a good 38% of the online audience


The increased audience engagement, technological improvements and growing market competition has resulted in the emerging presence of Meta search Agents in online Indian travel market. The Meta agents in online Indian travel industry serve to a big audience which believes and takes note of all the information shared on these portals. The increasing role of Meta search engines and players in online travel  market gives a fair competitive edge to suppliers with good reviews and better services.  This has also triggered an innovative mechanism that improves the overall experience of consumers.

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