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  • adventure-activities-in-goa
    Dec 19 2016

    Get that adrenaline pumping: Adventure activities in Goa

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    While Goa has quite successfully established itself as India’s party capital, there’s more than the usual boozing and sunbathing one can do to lift up their spirit. The exhilarating combination of sandy beaches, beautiful rivers, lakes and trekking trails makes this place a haven for adventure lovers. Here, one can indulge in the most thrilling […]

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  • Adventure Destinations
    May 13 2016

    Top 5 Adventure Trips in the World

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    The world is a fascinating place filled with wondrous places and strange creatures. The number of scary and exciting things to do here is insurmountable, but these are exactly the kind of things that define our lives and our selves. Some of us like to relax and spend some quiet time by the sea, while […]

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  • Highlining
    Feb 12 2016

    Top 5 extreme sports in the world

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    Most of us have tried rock-climbing and bungee jumping for an adrenaline rush. We’re okay with that level of adventure in our lives. But what about those adventure sports that sound unimaginably risky and too difficult to be true? There are some sports that go beyond extreme and call for people with minds made of […]

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