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haunted destinations of india

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    Oct 03 2017

    8 Haunted Places to Visit in India

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    Just what we need for Halloween! With the crisp fall air come the perfect excuse to visit some spooky spots in the country. While some places are shrouded in mystery, beholding the secrets of the past. Others are much newer, with a twist of tales stranger than fiction. No matter where you are in India, […]

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  • Ghostly Encounters - Top 5 spookiest destinations of India
    Dec 05 2014

    Ghostly Encounters – Top 5 haunted destinations of India

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    It’s time for some hocus-pocus on your next trip! From the forbidden monuments to the daunting residencies and ghoulish villages to the menacing cities, India is full of creepy adventures. The silent nooks and corners of this multi-faceted country whisper hair-raising tales of agonized spirits and vengeful ghosts. Take a candlelit tour through the mysterious […]

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