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8 Haunted Places to Visit in India

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Just what we need for Halloween!

With the crisp fall air come the perfect excuse to visit some spooky spots in the country. While some places are shrouded in mystery, beholding the secrets of the past. Others are much newer, with a twist of tales stranger than fiction. No matter where you are in India, there’s probably a haunted house, old fort/palace, or a hotel, each holding an interesting history sending chills down your spine. So here are top 10 haunted places in India where you can catch a glimpse of ghost wandering, hear strange voice, or if not have a ghostly encounter, can at least get a fascinating history lesson.

If you believe in supernatural and want to explore the mysterious world out there, go ahead mate – the world is for you to explore, one story at a time!

1. Bhangarh Fort, Alwar, Rajasthan

This is the most haunted place in India, and it is evident from the fact that the ASI (Archaeological Society of India) has put up warning signs forbidding the tourists to be present in/around the fort after sunset and before sunrise.

The story has it that Tantrik (magician) Singhia fell in love with the Princess Ratnavati, and used magic to win over her. As soon as the princess came to know about his evil plan, she ordered to kill him. Before tantrik died, he cursed the residents of the fort and the villagers which caused the place to doom.

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2. Shaniwarwada Fort, Pune, Maharashtra

The supernatural activity can be felt every night, but reaches its zenith on the full moon night. It is said that the spirit of a 13 year old prince haunts the fort.

The story has it that the Prince Narayan, the heir of the throne of Peshwa Dynasty was brutally murdered at the fort. People say that since then the echos of the prince calling out his uncle to save him can be heard at night.

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3. Dumas Beach, Surat, Gujarat

Yes, beaches can be haunted too! Situated along the Arabian Sea, Dumas Beach is known for its black sand and mystical activities; including missing people. Though no one dares to be here after sunset but those who did, never returned to tell the tale.

The story has it that the beach was used as a burial ground by Hindus for long, and hence is a resting place for tortured souls. People have heard strange whispers at the beach, and say that the dogs near the place keep barking throughout the night.

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4. GP Block, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh

A ghost in red dress. Like, really? Well yes, the people have seen a girl in red dress coming out of the house at the GP Block. Also, they claim to have seen a group of 4 male friends sitting together and enjoying a drink by the light of a single candle.

The story has it that the place is haunted, and you must be here to experience it on your own.

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5. Brij Raj Bhavan, Kota, Rajasthan

Not all ghosts are harmful and the ones at the Brij Raj Bhavan are definitely not. Brij Raj Bhavan is an old palace converted into a heritage hotel and is said to be haunted by a British ghost.

The story has it that Major Burton along with his son was shot inside the palace, and since then his ghost has been haunting the place. Although it is a harmless ghost, but the night guards claim to have been slapped in the middle of the night by an invisible hand.

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6. Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad, Telangana

This is one of the biggest film cities in India, and haunted too. Witnesses report that they have seen the spotlights falling off, strange marks appearing on mirrors and crew members being hurt. The super natural activities have created a havoc in the film city, and all the efforts to prevent the same have gone in vain. There’s no story attached to the paranormal activities happening here.

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7. Dow Hill, Kurseong, Darjeeling

Dow Hill Girls’ Boarding School and Victoria Boys’ High School are known for ghost sightings. Locals claim that after closing hours, they have heard footsteps and seen a headless boy walking into the woods.

The story has it, a number of murders took place in the forest area, and thus the place is haunted by the spirits.

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8. Kuldhara, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

This is a deserted ghost village near Jaisalmer, and has been abandoned since 19th century. It is said that the villagers had cursed the village and no one could ever inhabit the land.

The story has it that the minister of the state, Salim Singh had once visited the village and fell in love with the beautiful daughter of chieftain. Since he wanted to marry the girl, he threatened the villagers by saying that he would levy huge taxes if the villagers didn’t marry the girl to him. To protect the girl’s honour, the chief of the village along with 83 adjoining villages vanished in the dark. Nobody saw them leaving, and nobody knows where they left. And before leaving, they cursed the village and it could not get inhabited ever since then.

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You might have grown up listening to some of these or many more haunted stories from your grandparents. It’s time you hear them from the people who belong to those states, cities or districts. Listen to some of the crazy haunted, or sweet fairy tales with the homestay hosts in India.

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