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  • Beach Bum
    Apr 27 2016

    Hot Tips to Stay Safe in the Sun this Summer

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    How many of you have got summer vacations all planned out? We’re sure more than 70 per cent of you have planned trips here in India and abroad. But wherever you go, escaping the sun is next to impossible, especially if you’re visiting a destination in India. The Indian summer can be quite tiresome, draining […]

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  • Kate and Will
    Apr 25 2016

    Will and Kate’s visit to India: How it has boosted travel interest in the country

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    Everyone is aware of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s week-long visit to India. As usual, the Duchess of Cambridge was beautiful, elegant and had the much anticipated effect on the public – one of awe and admiration. The pair has just left for home after their royal tour of India and the effect can be […]

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