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Hot Tips to Stay Safe in the Sun this Summer

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How many of you have got summer vacations all planned out? We’re sure more than 70 per cent of you have planned trips here in India and abroad. But wherever you go, escaping the sun is next to impossible, especially if you’re visiting a destination in India. The Indian summer can be quite tiresome, draining your energy and wearing you out. Enjoying your summer vacation in such conditions can be difficult and you may end up not doing the things that you’ve always wanted to. Besides these seemingly harmless consequences, extreme sun exposure can result in premature skin ageing, wrinkles and skin spots, not to mention skin cancer. But fret not, we have rounded off some hot tips to stay safe in the sun. Read on and follow these simple rules to stay hydrated, energetic and happy this summer!

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Drink lots of fresh fruits juices

This goes without saying. If you find it difficult to drink a good amount of water, switch over to fresh fruit juices which will allow your body get the hydration that it needs. However, keep off the aerated drinks and sodas and stick to organic ways of keeping yourself hydrated.

Use a good sunscreen


Understand your skin and its needs. The sun’s ultraviolet rays are harmful to the body so make sure you apply the sunscreen lotion to the parts of your body that will be exposed to the sun. There are various types of sunscreen lotion; choose one that has SPF 15 or more and which will be effective against both the sun’s UVA as well as UVB rays.

Cover your head and eyes

Keep your head cool and calm by covering it with a headscarf or hat. A hat is a better option as it will keep your eyes safe too. Too much exposure to the sun can cause eye problems, as well; so it is a good idea to cover your eyes with a functional pair of sunglasses.

Set your sun time

The best way to be sun smart is by setting a time when you can safely go out in the sun. For instance, choose between 8 am to 11 am, or after 5 pm to go out in the sun. The afternoon sun can be quite harsh and you will end up getting tanned and sunburnt. If you can’t help but go out at 12 pm, try to stay covered or find shelter/shade while in the open.

Wear the right clothes

This one is self-explanatory! Try to keep fashion aside and wear clothes that will help you to stay comfortable and cool in the sun. Light fabrics made of cotton in light colours are your best bet; steer clear of synthetic fabrics and dark colours as these clothes will absorb more heat making you sweat more.

Will you be travelling this summer? Check out Travelguru’s summer hotel sale to avail of flat 40% off on hotels in India. What did you think of our hot tips to stay safe in the sun this summer? Let us know about any other tips that have helped you personally!

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