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  • Brexit
    Jun 27 2016

    Brexit – What it means for Indian travellers

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    The United Kingdom’s recent exit from the European Union has raised questions about the nation’s currency and where the country is headed. Brexit, as it is called, has led to the fall of the pound which has made travelling to Britain cheaper. The travel and tourism companies in India are expecting a short-term growth in travel […]

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  • Map of the World
    Jun 01 2015

    E-visas for Chinese tourists – Step in the right direction?

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    On his China visit recently, PM Narendra Modi announced that India will now allow e-visas for Chinese tourists. Chinese nationals will no longer have to line up at an Indian embassy or consulate for tourist visas. Now, Chinese nationals travelling to India can apply for visas online, thus paving the way for more Chinese tourists […]

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  • City skyline
    Apr 27 2015

    4 Indian cities in list of preferred travel destinations

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    Four Indian cities—Jaipur, New Delhi, Mumbai and Jaisalmer—have found a place in the list of preferred travel destinations in Asia. Jaipur ranked at number 12, followed by New Delhi at number 15, Mumbai at 20 and Jaisalmer taking the 22nd place. A spokesperson for a global travel site said, “These Indian cities are rich in […]

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