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Brexit – What it means for Indian travellers

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The United Kingdom’s recent exit from the European Union has raised questions about the nation’s currency and where the country is headed. Brexit, as it is called, has led to the fall of the pound which has made travelling to Britain cheaper. The travel and tourism companies in India are expecting a short-term growth in travel to the UK.

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President of, Sharat Dhall, opined, “Brexit has resulted in a big drop in the value of the pound and if this trend remains then we could see a surge in leisure tourism to Britain, as it will become significantly cheaper.” A spokesperson for another leading travel company said that Brexit will help the company’s outbound travel. Dhall further added, “A drop in the Pound could also result in an increase in students from India choosing the UK as a destination as it will make education significantly cheaper there.”

The Brexit caused a fall in markets and local currency, while the pound suffered the worst setback in three decades according to reports. Whatever it may be, currently, Indian travellers can look forward to reduced fares while travelling to Britain, at least for the short-term. What are your thoughts about the UK leaving the EU? Let us know!

Source: The Economic Times

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