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solo travel packages india

  • solo-male-traveller
    Apr 19 2017

    7 Destinations in India for Solo Male Travellers

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    Travelling solo is probably the most exhilarating experiences, especially for the male travellers. They form one of the largest group of backpackers; the ones who pay no heed to the fixed itineraries and just pomp and show. People often underestimate the experience of solo travelling in India, but in all honesty this would bring them […]

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  • single-traveler
    Feb 16 2017

    #GoSingle: 8 places to visit in India while you’re still single

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    ‘Travelling is the art of being happily single’ – Anonymous While being in a relationship is bliss, being single is even better. When you are single, your travel bags are lighter and no extra baggage tags of family and children are to be carried. Now is the time when you can travel freely, to destinations […]

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