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7 Destinations in India for Solo Male Travellers

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Travelling solo is probably the most exhilarating experiences, especially for the male travellers. They form one of the largest group of backpackers; the ones who pay no heed to the fixed itineraries and just pomp and show. People often underestimate the experience of solo travelling in India, but in all honesty this would bring them closer to the inherent diversity and the rich culture of the country. So, for all the male travellers out there, we’ve selected a few destinations where you can travel on your own to rediscover yourself.

1. Kasol

In the past few years, Kasol has become quite a popular destination amongst the solo male backpackers. It is popularly known as the mini Israel in Himachal Pradesh, overrun with reggae bars, bakeries and restaurants catering to a hippie crowd. It is said that the solo backpacking education is incomplete without a visit to this cult paradise – Kasol.

Why Visit: To try the Israeli food, attend trance parties and set on a trek to Kheerganga.

2. Pushkar

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As Kasol is to Himachal, Pushkar is to Rajasthan! It is the hippie capital of the western part of India, where you will find a lot babas, sadhus and the foreigners. Though Pushkar remains a buzz with activities throughout the year, Holi is one time when the entire town is painted with the hues of red. The time when Pushkar becomes livelier than before, and everything here turns magical.

Why Visit: Pushkar is the only place in the world with a Brahma Temple.

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3. Varkala

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Tired of the beaches in Goa and Maharashtra? Well, it’s time you head to the coastal town of Varkala – a perfect destination for the male backpackers. This town in the state of Kerala will provide you the required serenity and some of the beautiful sights to behold. The high cliffs with mineral springs made Varkala rank as the destination with the best beaches in Kerala by the Discovery Channel.

Why Visit: To enjoy the sun bath, boat ride, Ayurvedic rejuvenation and a real traveller scene.

4. Ziro Valley

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A valley in the state of Arunachal Pradesh, Ziro is a hub for economic activities and counter culture. The place is majorly dominated by the Apatani tribe who are known for their indigenous agricultural practice and facial tattoos. Ziro Valley has become a major attraction among travellers ever since the start of a yearly music festival – the Ziro Valley Carnival.

Why Visit: For the love of offbeaten travel. Visit the ancient Shiv Linga and farms to see the paddy cultivation.

5. Nubra Valley

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Situated at 10,000+ feet above sea level, Nubra Valley is a heaven on earth. It is located in Leh, and the reason enough for you to take a road trip to this beautiful valley. Numbra Velley remains hydrated by the conjoining of two rivers i.e. Siachen and Shayok.

Why Visit: To enjoy the views of snow-clad mountains and the camel ride around the valley

6. Rann of Kutch

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The rustic beauty, wildlife reserves and historical sites make Kutch a must-visit destination for solo bikers across the globe. The beauty of the place lies in the fact that it has desert on one side and sea on the other, which also maintains the ecological balance. The solo travellers get an opportunity to set up a camp in the middle of the vast wetland or the all-white salt marsh ground at the Rann of Kutch.

Why Visit: To experience the local culture of Kutch; visit the Indian Wildlife Ass Sanctuary and Mandvi Beach.

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7. Spiti Valley

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The sparsely populated valley in Himachal Pradesh, Spiti is a holy grail of backpacking . Every year, thousands of solo travellers visit Spiti to witness the purest form of nature. Spiti being an untouched beauty has a lot to offer to the travellers, that too in its natural form. There are a number of monasteries in Spiti to take you on a journey of peace and spiritualism.

Why Visit: Stay at a local’s house and experience their culture. Visit the highest branch of post office in India at Hikkim.

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