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  • solo-male-traveller
    Apr 19 2017

    7 Destinations in India for Solo Male Travellers

    Travelling solo is probably the most exhilarating experiences, especially for the male travellers. They form one of the largest group of backpackers; the ones who pay no heed to the fixed itineraries and just pomp and show. People often underestimate the experience of solo travelling in India, but in all honesty this would bring them […]

  • honeymoon-destinations
    Apr 17 2017

    Top Honeymoon Destinations in India for 2017

    Weddings are a blissful affair and what comes after it has to be more divine. To add some strokes of romance and affection to the post-wedding life, one needs to plan a pleasant honeymoon trip. On this trip, the newlyweds get time to explore their newfound relationship. And this has to be someplace special, right? […]

  • baisakhi-dance
    Apr 13 2017

    The Whys and Hows of Baisakhi

    With WhatsApp messages and social media posts doing rounds across the country, doesn’t it make you wonder what exactly is Baisakhi and why is it such a big deal for the Indians, especially North Indians. Well considering the fact that Baisakhi is central to Sikhism, it makes sense that it is celebrated with even more […]

  • summer-break-destinations
    Apr 11 2017

    Dream Budget Destinations in India for Upcoming Summer Vacations

    It’s that time of the year again when our entire year’s travel research is put to use. The time when the annual summer break is upon us, and we look for destinations where we can get some relief from the unprecedented high temperatures. Where some plan on spending their vacations at a beachfront luxury, others […]

  • summer-getaways-india
    Apr 07 2017

    Best getaways for the Good Friday long weekend

    The Good Friday long weekend is just round the corner, and it would be shame to not put it to good use and head to some place beautiful to enjoy the scenic views, sparkling streams or scented forests. So abandon the heat and city life to relax and unwind during your Easter break. If you […]

  • indian-hill-stations
    Apr 05 2017

    Mountainlusting are you? Head to these hill stations in India

    India is home to some of the awe-inspiring hill stations that are spread across the country. Right up from Jammu and Kashmir to Tamil Nadu, there are over 20 mountain ranges that are as legendary as they are diverse. These hill stations offer a refuge from the oppressive heat and the chaos of city life. […]

  • indian-hill-station
    Apr 03 2017

    Best places to visit in April in India

    So the summers are approaching and everybody is looking for a long getaway, away from the soaring high temperatures and the scrotching heat. Running for cover to the lofty peaks in the Himalayas, or the Andaman Islands in the South, the Western Ghats, or the Eastern extents of Himalayas in the North Eastern states does […]

  • india-cruise-trip
    Mar 27 2017

    5 luxurious, yet affordable cruise trips to take in and from India

     ‘In search of a beautiful place to drop an anchor’ – Anonymous Escape the maddening crowd and chaos on the streets, and spend your vacations lying on a deck chair staring at the calm waters. It is as good as it sounds, for an idea of a perfect rejuvenating break. So, whether you are planning […]