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  • Top 10 Romantic Destinations in India (part 2) | Travelguru Blog
    Oct 13 2014

    Top 10 Romantic Destinations in India (part 2)

    The first blog post of the Romantic Destinations section introduced the top 5 places you can visit with your loved ones. This installment talks about the next 5 destinations you can opt for if you prefer a low key romantic destination.  5. Mandu (Madhya Pradesh) The love station ’Roopmati’ is located in the petit town of […]

  • Top Attractions in Udaipur | Travelguru Blog
    Oct 13 2014

    Top Attractions in Udaipur

    Udaipur is the imperial Rajasthani city boasting a host of scenic lakes, Rajputana forts, lavish Palaces, resplendent temples, traditional Rajasthani style, colorful festivals and amazing art museums. The city is a traveler’s paradise, since it offers a vast variety of different attractions to the tourists from around the world. This city is one of the […]

  • Bollywood’s influence on Indian Tourism Industry | Travelguru Blog
    Oct 13 2014

    Bollywood’s influence on Indian Tourism Industry

    The Indian film industry, fondly termed as Bollywood has significantly influenced the Indian culture. The biggest film industry in the world follows an identical pattern of creating masala movies involving some of the world’s finest locations and colorful camera work. According to an estimate, almost 14 million people in India enjoy bollywood movies on a […]

  • Hangouts at Andheri Mumbai
    Oct 13 2014

    Hangouts at Andheri Mumbai

    Mumbai as a city is growing at an enormous pace. Buildings are popping up anywhere and everywhere. Now while this is good for the economy, it has a negative impact when it comes to hanging out or spending time in a quiet and serene location with your family and friends. Andheri, being the closest area […]

  • My stay at Valley View Resort, Mahabaleshwar
    Oct 10 2014

    My stay at Valley View Resort, Mahabaleshwar

    Mahabaleshwar, the beautiful picturesque hill station is located on the outskirts of the Western Ghats in Maharashtra. At an altitude of 1372 meters, this hill station offers a wonderful climate and a soothing location away from home. I recently visited Mahabaleshwar with my friends on a break. Although I had already been to this picturesque […]

  • Role of Meta search players in online travel market | Travelguru Blog
    Oct 10 2014

    Role of Meta search players when it comes to online travel market

    Since the emergence of E-commerce websites, the online travel industry enjoyed a structural steadiness due to the obstacles imposed by the intricacy of distributing travel products. However, the advances in IT, more often than not affects the online industry. Any change in technology disturbs the existing industry standards and structure. The introduction of Meta search […]

  • Top three places to visit in Pune
    Oct 10 2014

    Top three attractions to visit in Pune

    Pune, one of the most important cities of India is the cultural capital of Maharashtra. The city is famously called ‘Oxford of the East’. The city is located at the western end of Deccan plateau. The city might not demonstrate a well developed cosmopolitan structure like Mumbai or Delhi but it can serve as a […]

  • A sneak peek into Delhi’s Nightlife and hotspots
    Oct 10 2014

    A sneak peek into Delhi’s Nightlife

    Delhi’s nightlife is varied, but you’ll find the most popular and classiest bars in luxury hotels. These bars attract the creamy layer of New Delhi society. Since there’s a 1 a.m. curfew for most places in Delhi people generally opt for the nearby Noida and Gurgaon pubs to stay out late. TLR: The Living Room is a […]