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3 must visit UNESCO Heritage Sites in India

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Culturally rich heritage sites are plagued throughout India. Though with high reverence and certain emblematic qualities, there are 35 spots chosen by UNESCO to unveil the individual richness to the world. These eternal beauties possess the charm that brings all the concentration from your body in your eyes. With magnetic and enticing connect, they intrigue every being present. No matter what leads one there, it is the nonchalance stature that lures one and all. Of the 35 spellbinding beauties, there are three sites that exhibit their glory of the yesteryear.

Taj Mahal –

The world always disdains activities that go against the worldly affairs. And then, there is love that compels one to do the otherwise. Probably, love is one of the greatest force that outshines gravity. This can be seen with the priceless artifact that this world has ever seen, which is Taj Mahal an epitome of love. India has monuments all across, but the bewitchery that Taj Mahal has can never be diluted. It is the only heritage site that has never been bereft of love. Taj Mahal’s existence is an amalgamation of profound love and pain. Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan built this monument in the memory of his beloved wife who died during the childbirth. Though this romantic saga ended with a grief, but Shah Jahan romanticized his love and made it eternal.

Nalanda Mahavihara –

Nalanda University in Bihar is the oldest universities in India. It was the center of higher education, where knowledge was considered not less than rays of sun. This place was highly revered amongst the students from all over the world who arrived to embellish their horizon. Though, the abundance of knowledge could not help others forsake hatred against it. There were three disastrous attacks during the Mughal dynasty leading to ruins that can never be evolved again. Tabaquat-I-Nasiri is one of the chronicles written by Mirjah-i-Siraj, a famous Persian Muslim historian. It includes the horrifying vandalism done under Bakhtiyar Khilji’s rule. The devastation was profound enough to burn its nine-storey library for over six months causing fumes to charcoal the sky with the treasured manuscripts. However, let bygones be bygones and step ahead in the reality that nothing can be changed and only ruins can be admired. Nalanda University has precisely jaw-dropping beauty and you may find this secluded site with an expectation, which will lead to a brighter and knowledge-based world ahead.

Sun Temple Konark –

Because life has some shine still to offer! No, this statement is not to overwhelm, but to know the fact about how beauty can be found in devastation. Konark Sun Temple was built by King Narasimhadeva in the 13th century to venerate the Sun God. The temple is in the shape of a gigantic chariot carried by seven horses on 24 wheels carrying lord Surya. However, there is a legend associated with the temple claiming its existence. Once Samba, son of lord Krishna provoked Narada’s displeasure compelling him to curse Samba with leprosy. For his penance, Samba was asked to please Surya in the Maitreyi forest for 12 years. On the twelfth year, lord Surya was pleased to see his dedication and devotion and asked him to recite 21 different names of the deity in the water of Chandrabhaga to get cured. The next morning, he acted as said and found an image of Surya standing on a lotus pedestal with two lotuses in his hands. Samba took the image and fixed it in a temple built by him, which today is called as Konark Sun Temple.

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