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5 cheap cities for the budget traveller

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It’s the age of budget travelling and there’s no shame in asking for much more in much less! Several travel destinations in the world recognize this need of the intrepid traveller and have planned and promoted themselves to cater to every kind of traveller. The best way to travel, today, is by looking up the best hotels offering the best hotel deals in the destination of your choosing. Otherwise travelling can get quite expensive! We put together a list of 5 cheap cities for the budget traveller, so check it out and start planning your holiday abroad!

Pokhara, Nepal


Pokhara in the Kaski district of Nepal is a picturesque town that is all about kicking back your shoes and relaxing. Flaunting a natural beauty that will take your breath away, adventure activities for adventure-seekers and a cuisine that will have you licking your fingers in delight, Pokhara is every traveller’s dream come true. A trip to Pokhara is made all the more magical by the banks of the beautiful Phewa Lake, where sunsets create a little heaven on earth. Explore the serenity of this lake by renting one of the brightly coloured doongas (boats) and take in the splendid views of the mountains beyond.

Approximate daily expenses: 778.85 Nepal Rupee or INR 486.70 

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai

If you want to soak up some culture and heritage, Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand is perfect for you. Not only is this city economical for the budget traveller, it also affords you some panoramic landscapes that are great for people seeking some leisure. A great mix of the old-world and the new, Chiang Mai is an escape into spirituality, rich culture and lush natural beauty. And who can forget the food? Thai food, as everyone already knows, never disappoints, and rest assured your trip to Thailand will be worthwhile for all the delicious food!

Approximate daily expenses: 450.02 Thai Baht or INR 867.93

Bucharest, Romania


The city’s elegant architecture and its suave character has earned it the epithet of “Little Paris.” This city in Romania is one of the cheapest in Europe, thus giving you a European experience in half the money. Bucharest, though comparatively cheap, doesn’t hold back on its loveliness and grandeur. Filled with wonderful museums, quaint little street-side cafes, lush parks and quiet, orthodox churches, Bucharest is a must-visit if you want to experience the comfort and excellence of a European city.

Approximate daily expenses: 122.19 Romanian Leu or INR 1937.42 

Cairo, Egypt


Who doesn’t want to visit the country of pyramids? The capital of Egypt, Cairo, is another city budget travellers can think of exploring. Besides the imposing pyramids, especially a view of the great pyramids of Giza, Cairo shows you just what a true-blue bustling city looks like. Come here if you want to experience the thrill of city-life, through and through. It’s a city that has drive, passion, humour and a lot of charm that will surely get you right in the heart. It’s really something to feel the pulse of this vibrant land, the people of which call it Umm ad-Dunya, meaning Mother of the World.

Approximate daily expenses: 115.49 Egyptian Pound or INR 956.81

Warsaw, Poland


The last and the most expensive of the 5 cheap cities for the budget traveller, Warsaw in Poland will remind you of vintage novels and romantic movies. The capital and largest city of Poland has truckloads of energy, culture and a history that has made it one of the most fascinating cities to visit. This old city was destroyed during WWII, and has since been trying to get back on its feet, and is today the most historical place in Poland. Warsaw today flaunts charming cobbled streets with cafes lining most of them, colourful buildings, gorgeous museums and sprawling parks.

Approximate daily expenses: 132.39 Polish Zloty or INR 2299.79 

Travel needn’t be as expensive as everyone makes it to be. Our list of the 5 cheap cities for the budget traveller is a guide for you to check out these gorgeous, dynamic cities and plan a trip that won’t break the bank. Which other cities would you include in this list? Let us know in the comments section!

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