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6 Reasons to Visit Goa This Monsoon

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The favourite beach town of Goa sees a lot of visitors in the peak season, but how many of us have thought about Goa beyond its sunny self? Agreed, Goa has some of the coolest beaches and it feels amazing to catch a tan at Baga and Candolim. But how about getting drenched by the shores of a secluded beach? Didn’t think about it? Well, then you should.

Known for its hippie and chilled-out vibe, Goa takes on a more traditional flavor during monsoons. The empty, drenched beaches; lush greenery and swelling waterfalls come to life during this season, thus bringing refreshment and romance to Goa. If you want to experience Goa the local Goan way, this is the time to head to the state.

Here are the top 6 reasons that would prompt you to travel to Goa during the monsoon.

#1 Cheap Travel

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The flight tickets come as cheap as half of what you pay during the peak season. How cool is that?

#2 Accommodation at flat 50% Off

Anara Homes And Villas- Condolim

It’s not just the travel that suits your budget, even the accommodations, including hotels, resorts and homestays in Goa are cheaper during monsoon. With heavy discounts being offered on every lodging, you can actually consider staying at a luxury property.

#3 Do what you love, coz no one’s watching

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Dance in the rain, do a cartwheel at the beach and fall on your face, or run around making a fool of yourself; there’s no one staring, the beach is all yours!

#4 Trek to Dudhsagar Waterfall

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Monsoons are the perfect time to witness Goa’s iconic fall in its full glory. The gushing falls make for a breathtaking sight. If you are with elders, you can also take a train or travel by road to the falls.

#5 A scooter ride with your buddy in rain

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Rent a scooter, zoom through the wind and enjoy the ride while the rain drops splash across your face. Since monsoon is an off-season in Goa, you can get a good bargain on your scooters.

#6 Rain looks beautiful when in Goa

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Whether a rain lover or not, you are definitely going to fall in love with the rain in Goa. Monsoons transform entire state into an unbelievable pristine and romantic destination, and everything feels fresh and clean.

Now that you know Goa is more than sun, sand and surf, it’s time to make the most of your monsoon travel plans, and head to this gorgeous state for an ultimate relaxation.

P.S. Don’t forget to get your hands on offers available online to make your travel and stay affordable.

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