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Why June is an Ideal Month to Travel to South India

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The long hot summer days are about to end, and with it comes the hope of pleasant showers. The time when the parched Earth will get a relief with the incessant downpour. And if you are one of those who’d rather get a wee bit wet than stay at home because of the untimely rain, then a trip to South India is all you need in June. From sipping a cup of hot coffee and enjoying roadside snacks to taking a walk in the rain, there’s a lot you can do during the rainy season in the Southern part of the country. Whether an adventurer, a solo traveller, a backpacker or somebody who loves travelling with family, here are the reasons why June is an ideal month to travel to enjoy the monsoons.

1. Nature at its best

Monsoons in South India

The unending green slopes, tea gardens and spice plantations in Coorg, Wayanad, Alleppey and other parts of South Indis come to life during monsoons.

2. Monsoon trekking trips

trekking in South India

The vast landscapes and hilly terrains in South India invite travellers for an exciting monsoon trekking trip. The grasslands of Munnar, rugged terrains of Coorg and rain forests of Periyar are ideal for a thrilling expedition.

3. Majestic Waterfalls

waterfall in South India

The cities in South India have some of the country’s best waterfalls, and monsoons result in a truly stunning view of these cascades.

4. Homestays for a soulful retreat

Crystal Homestay

With all the natural beauty and serenity, the states in South India never cease to amaze; what adds to the beauty and charm are the homestays here. Tucked in the lap of nature, these homestays are perfect for a stay during the rainy season so as to take in the best of nature.

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5. Romantic tranquility

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During the month of June, the entire state transforms into a lush green paradise, thus making it a perfect escape for couples. They get to spend an active and adventurous weekend in the woods, a relaxing one by the beach, or a candlelit dinner in the countryside.

South India is a treasure trove of nature, adventure and history, and is blessed with some of the finest tourist attractions. During monsoons, all these places provide a welcome respite from the scorching heat, thus making it an ideal time for vacation. Also, this is when these amazing destinations turn to be as beautiful as they are rejuvenating. So get, set, going!

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