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8 best places for solo travel in India in 2017

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“As you travel solo, being totally responsible for yourself, it’s inevitable that you will discover just how capable you are” – Anonymous

We have all been to different places with our family and friends, but how many of us have given a thought about travelling solo? Giving up all the burden of coordinating with an entire group and just being with ourselves. This sounds promising, right? It surely is and equally fun to try if we show some courage and plan a solo trip.

While it might seem a bit scary, it truly isn’t. In fact, it is one of the most rewarding and exhilarating life experiences you can ever have. So start planning for your solo trips for 2017. And to make things easier for you, we are listing down 8 places for solo travel in India where you can head right now.

1. Sandhan Valley: Referred to as the valley of shadows, the Sandhan Valley in Maharashtra is a trek for all those who are seeking adventure. This place is a combination of a valley and a canyon, and has Ratnagad and Ajoba mountain ranges around it. Ideal for camping and rappelling, the Sandhan Valley is accessible from November to May. Since there are limited stay options, you could actually consider camping here.

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2. Kumbalgarh: Travelling at your own pace can be best fulfilled in Rajasthan. The idea of a solo trip amidst the land of forts, palaces and rich culture is definitely something to look forward to. Situated in the western Aravalli Hills, near Udaipur, is Kumbalgarh – a gorgeous, massive and almost invincible fortress. This is a place where you can carry a small bag pack and hop from fort to fort. The best time to visit Kumbalgarh is from October to November and from February to March.

3. Lahaul-Spiti: This was one of the unexplored terrains in India, until last year when we got see many Facebook check-ins for this destination. So, if you have missed taking a trip to Lahaul-Spiti last year, it’s time you plan one in 2017. Spare seven to ten days from your busy schedule and head for this crazy road trip. Take our word, for it will be totally worth it.

4. Khajuraho: If you are a history buff and want to get answers about how the present era started from the medieval period, you must consider a solo trip to Khajuraho. You will get to explore the ornate temples and archaeological museum, that will capture your imagination like never before. Some of the places that you must visit during your exploration to Khajuraho are Lakshmana temple, Dulhadev temple, Varaha temple, Kandariya Mahadev temple and Vishwanath temple.

5. Jaisalmer: With camels, shifting sand dunes of the Thar Desert and beautiful architectural monuments, Jaisalmer is an exotic destination for a solo traveller. Here you can feel and stay like a royalty in the havelis or experience a different world altogether at the camps in the desert. If you want to seize the cultural aspects of the city, you should head here in February during the Jaisalmer Desert Festival.

6. Mudumalai National Park: Situated in the Northwestern side of the Nilgiri Hills, Mudumalai National Park is a tiger reserve and a wildlife sanctuary, ideal for a solo trip. If you are on the search for finding peace and tranquility, there could not be any other place better than the one close to nature. So pack your bags and get ready to set off on a wildlife safari.

7. Karwar: If you thought beaches were limited only to Goa, think again! Karwar is one of the most popular solo tripping destinations in Karnataka. Blessed with beautiful beaches, magnificent temples and forts, this destination attracts a large number of tourists and solo travellers. You can visit here anytime between October to February for a quick and relaxing trip (all by yourself).

8. Ziro Valley: Soak in the beautiful topography at the Ziro Valley, located in the lower Subansiri district of Arunachal Pradesh. This is an unspoilt destination for nature lovers and those who wish to find their solitude. The best time to visit Ziro Valley is from February to October, and if you want to enjoy the music festival, you can head here in September.

So now that you’ve destinations in your mind, choose the one that best suits you and get, set, go!

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