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A guide to planning a trip for vegetarians

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There’s an unfortunate misconception that being a vegetarian and travelling doesn’t go hand in hand. However, this is not always true and we are here to put an end to this notion. No doubt, there might be times when there will be limitations, especially in destinations where meat and other animal products dominate local cuisine. But there’s a whole range of travel solutions to cater to the needs of vegetarians in those destinations. Here’s a guide that comes handy while vegetarians plan their trip.

1. Plan ahead: If you haven’t zeroed in on the destination then you can look for places where vegetarian food is easy to find. The countries that encourage vegetarianism are India, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, Singapore and Israel, to name a few. After you have decided upon a destination, make sure that while booking flights and hotels, look for vegetarian options. Inform the staff in advance regarding your taste and preference of food.

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2. Carry your own healthy snacks: While you are packing, sneak in some fruits, raisins, corn flakes, peanuts, cookies, dried fruits, nuts, granola bars and crackers. These are essential in case you are walking, hiking or travelling as they curb hunger without adding too many calories. Also, this is a safe and reliable option for the vegetarians who are travelling to a new place.

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3. Cook on your own: And this would mean finding an apartment or a hostel with a kitchenette. This way you would be able to cook on your own that too using the ingredients you think are fit for your diet. Also, you could escape the use of animal oil, that would otherwise be added in your vegetarian meal at a restaurant.

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4. Research vegetarian-friendly restaurants: Google has been a friend for anybody and everybody. So a good research before leaving for your vacation would be an added advantage to your travel plans. You can research the area where you are going and the vegetarian restaurants in the vicinity. The online vegetarian community might already have the restaurants name with them and would be happy to share them with you.

5. Learn the local language: To avoid miscommunication, you must learn the basic sentences that you could use with the locals in the new place. If you are a vegetarian, you should learn phrases like ‘I don’t eat meat, I’m a vegetarian or I need vegetarian food’. The best option would be to prepare a cheat sheet instead of trying to memorise all the phrases.

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Hope these tips and tricks make vegetarians’ vacations much more fun and gastronomic.

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