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Mumbai employees – Missing the charm of adventurous treks

Treks in Mumbai
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You and your nefarious cubicle dungeons, occupy a space in the corner, which for sure, need a breather from your bulk that has choked the air of chair. Instead, you need it more than the chair. Ah! But this needs a break, a break that awaits your yes. Isn’t that easy, and if not, then it wouldn’t be tough to get your backpacks ready with some accessories that you need on a voyage. However, this counts only for the ones who wish a change and are still adventurous at their heart. And, if you have reached reading this far, I am sure, the Young At Heart tag suits you.

Beseech your brain once again, if it says think again for going on adventurous treks, go back to your heart, which has only yes. As the acceptance is only yes, and no is just for the ones who delve within the walls of screen.

I’m sure this list of few tourist spots will surely jazz up the sleeping excitement within you (Mumbaikars)

Kanheri Caves – Borivali (An abode to wildlife)

Kanheri Caves – Borivali

Walking in the woods; doesn’t it sound interesting? To add more, Kanheri Caves isn’t walking an aisle my friend, it needs a will to accept the challenge, of the brow getting filled with sweat, but the urge to reach the destination needs to be higher than your fatigue. Tough, yet fascinating, this place is easy to reach from central, western or harbour, the three lifelines of Mumbai.  Closest from the Borivali station, its highest peak has adrenalized a lot and will be the same for all. So, if a panoramic view entices you, this place is definitely worth a visit.

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Tungareshwar – Vasai (Greenery at every juncture)

Tungareshwar – Vasai

Before visiting this spot, do heighten you feelings for nature. Nearly 30 minutes of road slogging from Vasai station will help you reach this colossal formation. For all you know, a panglossian approach is needed for such adventurous treks. This 2000 feet mountainous terrain needs a tough nut to crack. Environ gets beautified with the touch of rainwater, thus a heaven for monsoon visitors. Waterfalls, Lord Shiva temple and lush foliage around, excites one, and this placidness is for sure to be engraved forever on one’s heart.

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Takmak Fort – Vasai-Virar (A space for real excitement)

Takmak Fort - Vasai-Virar

Viewing refluent water of River Vaitarna and Tansa would be more mesmerizing than killing your passion with excessive work. Run, walk, saunter or crawl, but reach at the top, as the beauty is at the apex. Virar being the nearest station, this gigantic formation connects to Sakawar, a small village, which just begins the real journey. Crossing more than 2000 feet, this Takmak Fort is a climb of roughly 3 hours. This bulwark is a steep climb assuring exhaustion at the beginning itself. However, this muscling up would pay with the bewitching and surreal view of the rivers and valley gorges.

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Karnala Fort – Panvel (Guarded by nature, is human’s creation)

Karnala Fort – Panvel

A skip from the daily routines would turn into a memory to cherish eternally. Indeed, Karnala Fort visitors have this say. Though, it can be reached from various other routes, but Panvel is the most preferred choice when it comes to reach little early. Roughly, 30 minutes away from the station, it can be reached by bus or rickshaw. Jumble of rocks on the path and chirpy birds are a common sight across this serenity, however, the pinnacle ensures panorama of the world across this splendor. The topographies include Karnala Bird Sanctuary, Karnala Fort and several nearby spots like Prabalgad and Rajmachi Fort.

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So, stop waiting for the days, to get free, leap out of sluggish and faked world of work, and visit these places to be the new you.

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