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5 Best destinations to celebrate Diwali at

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Now that the long Diwali holiday is on its way, everyone has started making vacation plans with friends and family. And why not? The weather in November would be nippy if not cold, and you’d get the chance to experience the festival of lights some place new! Diwali vacation is the best time to set off on an exciting holiday as you even get the best deals on accommodation and transport. So check out the 5 best destinations to celebrate Diwali and get your travel plans ready already!

As is the case with any other festival, Diwali, too, is celebrated with great enthusiasm in Mumbai. Homes are cleaned, diyas are lit, lights are put up and Diwali goodies called “faraal” are made in most Maharashtrian households. Diwali in Mumbai is more about coming together and having fun with friends and family, bursting crackers and hogging on faraal! Make the most of your Diwali vacation by taking a trip to this culturally diverse destination.

Diwali in Jaipur is as regal as the city itself. The city looks exquisitely royal and exudes a warm glow that will make you feel all fuzzy inside. Everywhere you go in Jaipur, the streets, homes and bazaars are lit up by sparkling lights, making the pink city reflect a million different colours. One of the best ways to celebrate Diwali in Jaipur is by checking out the blinding fireworks and clicking a million photos with lit-up palaces in the background!

New Delhi
The capital of the country is not too far behind when it comes to celebrating Diwali. Experience the chill of winter and the warmth of the festival at the same time in New Delhi. There are lots of Diwali offers that you can take advantage of so as to make your Delhi trip a little less stressful on your wallet. Delhi welcomes Diwali with a lot of spring cleaning, shopping sprees and redecorating. Bazaars show off countless twinkling lights and melas spring up everywhere!


Dev Dipavali
As beautiful as it already is, Varanasi truly comes to life during Diwali. The fireworks rarely stop and the ghats reflect a beauty so surreal and otherworldly that you will find it hard to look elsewhere. There is a constant stream of people walking the narrow alleys of Varanasi and the atmosphere is at once jovial and pious. If you want to take in some rich culture as much as you want to experience the festival, Varanasi is the perfect place for you.

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Last but not least in this list of the best destinations to celebrate Diwali is Kolkata. Nothing beats Diwali in Kolkata’s nostalgia-inducing streets. Goddess Kali is worshipped around the same time in the city and the streets are all lit up with lamps, diyas and candles. Diwali days are spent with family and friends, feasting, drinking and generally having a good old time! Check out some great Diwali hotel deals and book your hotel using those, as you will be able to save up on a lot of moolah!

Where are you planning to spend your Diwali vacation? Which other destinations in India would you add to this list of the 5 best destinations to celebrate Diwali?

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