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How to Earn Bookings From Your Listing

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Homestays are the new catchphrase among travellers. Spending time and money on searching for homestays rather than hotels is what they preach. Owing to the growing need of homestays in India, the listing of properties on various platforms has picked up the pace. With over 5,000 listings across India, you’re up against some serious competition as a Travelguru Homestays host. From expert’s knowledge, proactivity is the key to success where homestays are concerned. Listed below are some ways in which you can make your listing a money making machine by anticipating the needs of travellers that visit your area.

1. Price it right


While creating your listing, set an appropriate price point for your property, based on the accommodation type, amenities offered and general location. Pricing right does not mean you start with below rivaling rates, but try and remain on par with competition.

2. Photograph well


‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ stands true in case of listing your property online. Well-photographed homestays attract more bookings and allow potential guests to get a flavour of where you live.

3. Capitalise on local events

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Keep a track of events that are happening in your city, and edit your listing information to mention it. Get in touch with the event organisers, who are likely to need rooms for the staff, attendees, or artists.

4. Promote your space


Keep your fliers and business cards handy so as to make your listing stand out. Also, self-promote your homestay on social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

5. Respond to requests quickly

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Guest inquiry response rate should be at the speed of light. This makes sure that you are ready and willing to host the guest. Also, the payoff for attentiveness goes beyond earning you a booking for the listing.

If this seems like a lot of information, don’t fret, become a host with Travelguru Homestays and handle your bookings like a pro.

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