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Chennai’s delicious street food tale

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“I’m not a glutton, I’m an explorer of food” – Erma Bombeck

All those who stand by this quote are always the best people. If you are also a food wanderer and like experimenting with your taste buds, you would not want to miss what all Chennai has to offer. In the past few decades, Chennai’s food scene has gone truly comprehensive. So those of you who thought that the cuisine in the biggest cultural centre of South India doesn’t stretch beyond ‘idli-dosa’, be prepared to be surprised. We are going to put spotlight on places offering the best street food items in Chennai.

Royal Sandwich

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Treat yourself with some yummy sandwiches at Royal Sandwich in Alwarpet. The crazy-combo sandwiches at this outlet are a real deal for the foodies. They serve everything from chocolate sandwiches to Maggi and Lay’s combination sandwiches. So get ready to take your taste buds on a roller coaster ride.

Where: Shop no.159/160, TT Krishnamachari Rd, Alwarpet

Atho Man

atho-noodlesPicture Courtesy:

This is a popular haunt for those who love Burmese street food. It specialises in serving atho noodles and stuffed egg masala, thus adding a different flavour to the street food of Chennai.

Where: Shop no.149, G.A.Road, Old washermenpet

O.S.B Hot Chat

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This a legendary restaurant in Chennai and a hotshot amongst the crowd. As the name suggests, O.S.B Hot Chat is known for its chaat collection. You must head to this place to taste the delicious and spicy chaat available in a variety of fillings.

Where: 82, Lake View Road, West Mambalam

Karishma Pani Poori Shop

Bringing back the memories and taste of authentic pani puris (puchka) from kolkata, this place is literally the first outlet you should try for street food in Chennai. The items served here are bhel puri, churmur chaat, pani puri, bread channa, dahi papdi chaat, jhaal muri and masala puri, to name a few. You definitely can’t miss this one!

Where: 58, Nungambakkam High Road


dabeliPicture Courtesy:

This is another popular joint among locals and tourists alike. This place does not have a very lavish setting (well, that’s how street food stalls are supposed to be) but the food served here makes up for the lack of ambience. Something that you must try at Links is its Dabeli.

Where: 22, Raja Annamalai Road, Purasavakkam

Mehtaas Vada Pav

If you thought Vada Pav was limited to Maharashtra, you need to think again. Mehtaas Vada Pav in Purasavakkam is a go-to place to fulfill all your vada pav cravings. They serve some of the finest variations in vada pav, ranging from classic vada pav to cheese vada pav.

Where: 22/9, Raja Annamalai Road, Purasavakkam

Although the list is endless, these are some of the favourite places among people. So whether you are in Chennai on an official tour or to study, you must try out the street food at these joints to delight your palate.

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