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Homestays in India: The latest buzz

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In the past few decades, the number of tourists visiting India has increased exponentially. Not only foreign travellers, but even locals have come out of their shells and started visting every nook and corner of the country. To make their holiday a success story, they care as much about the accommodation as much as the travel experience. They prefer staying in a homely environment where they are not bound by the so-called protocols, and where they can relax in the comfort of a house. The desire for such holiday has brought a new concept in the tourism industry i.e. homestays, an opportunity for visitors to rent rooms from the locals.


Homestays is a latest trend that is taking the global travel industry by storm. According to’ 2014 report, the YoY growth in number of homestays since 2004 has increased from 17 properties to 1663 properties in 207 destinations. It further states that 72% of homestays are located in South followed by 17% in North. The popularity of such accommodations is riding on the increasing demand, because of its affordability, home comforts and a scope to learn local culture and traditions. Also, it acts as a great medium for the hosts to earn money by sharing an extra space. So here’s why it is an ideal time to turn your home into a homestay or be a guest and opt for a homestay in your next vacation:

Be a Guest because…


It is a home away from home


It is easy on the pocket


You can stay like a local


You can experience offbeat places with the host

Homestays outing

You get complete privacy during the stay

Homestays Privacy

Be a Host because…

Homestays HostPicture Courtesy:

It is a growing trend in India

trendingPicture Courtesy:

You can get acquainted with new people


It has some considerable financial benefits

Homestay extra Income

You can list your property for free

free-listingPicture Courtesy:

The demand for homestays among tourists, travellers and backpackers has grown from strength to strength, and is expected to grow in the coming years. Thus allowing everyone to experience the real India at affordable prices. Be a part of the revolution and host a family or become a guest with Travelguru Homestays.

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