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Doggy’s Day Out!

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With a bow-wow here, a bow-wow there, you have surely secured a place in your pet’s heart. And, I’m sure you are big-hearted enough to offer a place of love to your furry friend. For most of us, “Dogs” aren’t dogs, but they are family. And, those who do not consider them as family, do not have one.

Imagine a stroll with your canine in the prairies, of course in a city like Mumbai, this imagination is itself a fiction. Then where and how would your dream or rather prairie stroll imagination will turn reality. Stop bothering, read ahead to get a glimpse of places that will make your dog’s travel memorable:

Cardamom House, Dindigul – It is not only you who needs a break, even dogs have their own necessities. Strolling here and there doesn’t gives great pleasure to your pet after some point of time, and a mini-vacation seems indeed a necessity. Perhaps, one of the best places to have your pet along, is Cardamom House in Dindigul. Overlooking a lake, it is placed on the top of a hill with a lot of area for your dog play around.

Beachside Homestay in Malvan – Probably playing with your pet on the beach would be the last thought to appear. But, this is possible, certainly possible at the homestays, resorts and hotels near Malvan, which offer a plethora of opportunity areas for you and your canine. Beachside Homestay is less crowded and adjacent to Chivle beach offering a plenty of place to run and jump with your pet.

Crazy K9 Campers, Mumbai – Everybody seems to search for some fun around, yet disappointment has its own glorified approaches. Not today! Because it is your dog’s travel day. Plan your trip to this campsite, which offers grooming, and arranges bonding activities, trekking and games. You may also like to try your hands at learning doggy recipes.

Illikalam Lake Resort, Kumarakom – It is a small resort overlooking the Vembanad Lake. With a well-manicured lawn, your pet gets the freedom to enjoy the spot and escape from obeyance. Play with your dog, gaze into nothingness or just stroll around, this place is surely a great escape from mundane tasks.

Kuhu’s Pet Paradise, Bangalore – Summers are always scorching and the heat producing sun has raised its level too high for us. That justifies our pets do feel the same heat or rather more. Indeed, we all need a breather from this fierce heat. And, what could be much better than having a joyous trip to resorts that welcome your canine. One of such places belong in Bangalore, named as Kuhu’s Pet Paradise. As the name suggests, it is indeed a fairyland for you dog. Visit this campsite and enjoy swimming, obstacle activities and other exciting events with your pet. They even offer grooming services for your canine.

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