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Weekend holidays beyond Mumbai

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There are seven days in a week, of which five to six are filled with work. You either get one or two days in a week to enjoy your household chores. Right from washing to brushing, you do all, but not travel. Good for you, but bad for your future talks. Household chores are the shadows that are present in the dark too. Don’t bother, you’ll have them stuck in the same spot every time. Go grab your bag and step out of your work zone. You need a breather that is known as exploring. Spare your weekend for the list below and share your story with your friends later.

These impeccable destinations can be found around every direction heading from Mumbai. Marked by their own uniqueness, your presence there would make you feel belonged to the destination forever. Explore by reading ahead that what direction your heart heads to:

Lonavala – Probably every itchy feet has some deeper yearn that doesn’t go away with a stroll. It needs a hefty vacation. Something that compels the heart to rush and traverse off the beaten track. Lonavala is one of the vacationing spots near Mumbai that every picnicker craves for. Until your sight permits, you may find foliage, valley, and misty clouds. This hill station oozes beatific beauty and is one of the God’s own adorned realm. At every juncture, you would be forced to meet the chikki brands, Maganlal and Chivadas. Monsoons are luring here, try visiting Bushy Dam, Tiger Point, Lonavala Lake and Bhaja Caves during your excursion.

Khandala – With a zealous heart and determined thought, you must head to Khandala. This forebode is for the ones who live a weary life of joy within their cocoon. For the ones who like a twist in their daily chore, should definitely taste this adventure. Soak into the flora and fauna of the Western Ghats and live a day without giving a break to your blissful imagination. Kune Mission, Shooting Spot, Duke’s Nose and Ryewood Park would have to be on your visiting list.

Panchgani – Your sweet tooth craves – when all the sweetness of the world is at one end and Panchgani’s strawberries at the other. Panchgani is a mystical blend of nature and beauty. Not too far from Mumbai, but the journey is sure to be adored because of its moisture-laden clouds hovering to soak you in bliss. Drop by at Parsi Point, Mapro Garden, Harrison’s Folly and Sydney Point to drench in with only emotion called happiness.

Mahabaleshwar – Hillocks and meadows have always been a wonderful sight for all and one of such wondrous hill station, is Mahabaleshwar. Overlooking the Sahyadri range, it compels to feel the oblivion and sense nothing but peace. Clumsy mountains are the embellishment of nature to its defined beauty around. Visiting Mahabaleshwar is visiting ourselves. Places that fetch a horde of tourist attractions include Venna Lake, Arthur’s Seat, Kate’s Point, Mapro Garden, Sunset Point,Strawberry Farm Table Land, Old Mahabaleshwar, Wilson Point and Pratapgad.

Matheran – Who would not be happy to have a leisurely stroll in the woods? This would certainly be one of the best moments of our lives to have it with our loved ones. Though, during work hours, it is really tough to get one. Of course, this leisure isn’t a far cry and you may find it within easy access. It is Matheran that offers you this enchanting vacation ensuring your shoes are red enough for others to identify without you being a raconteur. Innumerous places to visit in Matheran, plan accordingly to drop by at least seven points. However, Charlotte Lake, One Tree Hill Point, Little Chowk Point, Belvedere Point, Porcupine Point (Sunset Point), Louisa Point and Rambaug Point have to be on your wish list.

Daman – A touch of Portuguese can be seen exuding from this beauteous land. It is divided into two parts Nani Daman and Moti Daman, of which Nani Daman is ironically larger in size (Since, Nani means small in Gujarati). This place is filled with a lot of opportunities for holidaymakers. From beaches to churches to forts, you get all. Apart from these, you shouldn’t be missing a visit to Dominican Monastery, Kadaiya Lake Garden and Jetty Garden.

Vajreshwari – If in search of devotion, peace and spirituality head to Vajreshwari. This is the land of Hindu deity dedicated to the goddess Vajreshwari. With lots of scenic beauty around, hot springs and temples are the luring factors of this locale. Few of the highly revered temples in this spot include Vajreshwari Temple, Nityananda Mandir, Parshuram Mandir and Shri Gurudev Ashram. You may also like visiting Akloli Kund and hot springs in this locale.

ShirdiShirdi Sai Baba Temple is one of the highly revered temples in Maharashtra. Day in, day out incomputable devotees visit Shirdi to get a glimpse of and seek blessings from Sai Baba. It is one of the highly visited places from travelers all across India and globe. Sri Sai Baba Samadhi Mandir, Baba’s Chavadi, Shri Saibaba Sansthan Temple, Maruti Mandir, Dixit Wada Museum and Upasani Maharaj Ashram have to be on your wish list during your excursion.

Kolad – For all who believe life is all about adventure have to visit this place at least once. This scenic beauty is a small village filled with activities that exhibit gusto to every being present there. Popularly known for its river rafting activity in the Kundalika River, Kolad is just beyond your imagination. If rafting that fetches you here, then you have probably missed the other substantial facets of this locale. Talgad Fort, Ghosalgad Fort, Tamhini Ghat, Kuda Caves and Sutarwadi Lake would definitely change your percept about Kolad.

Igatpuri – Words can never express the beauty this locale possesses. If seclusion is what your wish list has, then no other destination would be better than Igatpuri. The green aura is simple enough to ignite peace in you and its every juncture flaunts a sense of calmness. Vaitarna Dam, Camel Valley, Ashoka Falls and Dhamma Giri- Vipassana Center are a few of the choicest spots to drop by.

Beseech your inner you who is still under the slumbers of work and mundane life to travel and explore nature and its beauty.

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